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Baldeep Sandhu (born May 26, 1978) is an English professional wrestler better known by his ring name Big Singh. Baldeep Sandhu would start his career in the United Kingdom until he signed with TNA in the early 2000s, after a three year run with the company he was able to obtain the TNA World Heavyweight Title on four different occasions the last coming in the first Ultimate X match in 2003. Baldeep after his run with TNA would jump ship to rival professional wrestling company WWE where he was signed under a developmental contract. Baldeep would sign his contract in the end of 2004 however would not make his debut until the following year on April 4 the night after Wrestlemania 21 to confront the WWE Champion John Cena.

Overcoming Injury

After his first feud under his WWE contract Baldeep Sandhu would face a knee injury which sidelined him for the rest of that year. After months watching from backstage and on television it was unclear if Baldeep would ever return to the ring, however all questions were answered when he made a surprising return in 2006 for the 19th annual Royal Rumble match entering the competition in the #1 spot. Debuting new entrance music and ring attire was one of the surprising factors behind the shock return of Big Singh as there were many rumors from pro wrestling newsletters to podcasts stating that their was a chance of him retiring making the return even more surprising.

Becoming Singh²

Since the knee injury Big Singh faced with his feud with John Cena he would loose all the momentum he possessed, although the surprise return in 2006 would prove to be a shocking return however this was not enough to place him back towards the main event scene. The new ring attire which Big Singh would debut within his return was designed for himself and his new tag team partner Harpreet Atwal 'The Harpoon' Singh. The two would compete in their first competitive tag team match up on a episode of SmackDown were they would face Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Singh² would pick up a win after Harp would hit his signature maneuver Harpoon Hang aka vertical drop brainbuster on Haas to setup Big Singh to submit Haas with a Camel clutch submission.

First taste of gold

In the end of 2006 Singh² would be on an undefeated streak for many of months picking up victories on both Raw and SmackDown, however this run would come to an end when Singh² would lose to the Desi Boyz after a distraction caused at ringside by Spike Dudley which allowed Bubba Ray Dudley to hit the Bubba bomb on Harp followed by a pinfall. However the actions of the Dudley Boyz would not go unpunished as after the match up was over Teddy Long would force the Desi Boyz to defend the titles against Singh² at SummerSlam in a No Disqualification match. After a long contested battle Big Singh would use his signature manuevour Big Singh Fling (BSF) aka Crucifix Powerbomb on Spike Dudley through a table followed by Harp body slamming Desi-Von Dudley then hitting the Harp String aka Senton bomb from the top rope. Singh² would regroup in the middle of the ring to hit their signature Punjabi Pakora aka Flapjack, Double Knee Facebreaker onto Bubba Ray Dudley as he enters the ring followed by Big Singh pinning Bubba to win his first WWE Tag Team Championship.

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