Subsidies are harmful for the long-term benefit of companies, because they artificially prop up industries that are not sustainable on their own. After subsidies are eliminated, some companies have a risk of bankruptcy. However, subsidies can help companies gain economies of scale until they may be profitable over the long term.

Government money is also a very political issue that can increase and decrease rapidly. Current government subsidies until money for methanol and auto manufacturers. … "Government Subsidies" has a significant impact, so an analyst should put more weight into it. "Government Subsidies" will have a long-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from the entity's value. This statements will have a short-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from its value. This qualitative factor will lead to an increase in costs. This statement will lead to a decrease in profits. "Government Subsidies" is a difficult qualitative factor to overcome, so the investment will have to spend a lot of time trying to overcome this issue.