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"In Chile, it is very difficult for a low income student to receive the same quality of education as a higher income student, which is resulting in a large gap between their quality of education. There are four types of schools: municipal, government-funded public schools; private schools subsidized by the government; and private, fee-paying schools. Since the financial crisis of 1980, Chile’s government created a voucher type subsidy for public and private schools. The voucher allows students to attend any school they choose, instead of a local school. This established a competition between the public and private schools. Students who could afford it would travel to the private schools because the teachers and facility were superior to that the public schools. This resulted in more students attending private schools, which in turn caused more money being redirected from public schools to private schools in the form of voucher subsidies, further increasing the gap between public and private schools."

Sources:"Quality of Education between High and Low Income Students" has a significant impact, so an analyst should put more weight into it.