The HIV, AIDS virus is a big challenge for any economy. South Africa faces an epidemic spread of the virus.

"South Africa is currently experiencing one of the most severe AIDS epidemics in the world. At the end of 2007, there were approximately 5.7 million people living with HIV in South Africa, and almost 1,000 AIDS deaths occurring every day.

A number of factors have been blamed for the increasing severity of South Africa’s AIDS epidemic, and debate has raged about whether the government’s response has been sufficient. This page looks at the impact that AIDS has had on South Africa, the historical context of the epidemic, and the major issues surrounding the crisis.

It is difficult to overstate the suffering that HIV has caused in South Africa. With statistics showing that almost one in five adults are infected, HIV is widespread in a sense that can be difficult to imagine for those living in less-affected countries. For each person living with HIV, in South Africa and elsewhere, not only does it impact on their lives, but also those of their families, friends and wider communities.

With antiretroviral drug treatment, HIV-positive people can maintain their health and often lead relatively normal lives. Sadly, few people in South Africa have access to this treatment. This means that AIDS deaths are alarmingly common throughout the country. It is thought that almost half of all deaths in South Africa, and a staggering 71% of deaths among those aged between 15 and 49, are caused by AIDS. So many people are dying from AIDS that in some parts of the country, cemeteries are running out of space for the dead. A recent survey found that South Africans spent more time at funerals than they did having their hair cut, shopping or having barbecues. It also found that more than twice as many people had been to a funeral in the past month than had been to a wedding.

The HIV, AIDS virus can put a substantial burden on health resources in any country, but South Africa has a particular problem, because it is poor and the damage is already significant."

Source:"HIV AIDS" is a difficult qualitative factor to overcome, so the investment will have to spend a lot of time trying to overcome this issue.