With the mild climate throughout the year, Spain's biggest revenue is generated from tourism.

"Tourism in Spain was developed during the last years of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, when the country became a popular place for summer holidays, especially for tourists from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Since then Spain has been the second most visited country of the world after France. In 2007 almost 60 million foreign tourists were received, according to the World Tourism Organization, which has its headquarters in Madrid. Spain's tourism spending annually is over £46 Billion, the highest tourism spending in any nation worldwide except the USA with $74 Billion.

This modality of Tourism was the first to be developed in Spain, and nowadays, generates the most income for the Spanish economy. The mild climate during the whole year and the extensive sandy beaches by the Mediterranean as well as of its two archipelagoes (the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands respectively) have been attracting tourists from the cold territories of North Europe for decades. Summer resorts are popular with Spaniards too.

Tourism helps the economy generate revenue it would not have earned from advance technologies or manufacturing. Therefore, Spain has a natural advantage over competitors."

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