"Thailand's automotive industry has been has been steadily increasing both domestically and overseas. Thailand's automotive industry produced 928,081 vehicles in 2004. The Thai figure was 24% more than in 2003, according to the Thai Automotive Industry Association. Domestic demand grew by 17% to reach 626,026 units. Exports, accounting for one-third of production, exceeded 300,000 units, posting a 41% increase over 2003. The automotive and auto parts industry, worth 700 billion baht (USS 17.5 billion), generated the country's second highest level of export revenue last year after computer and electronic parts. This represented approximately 12% of GDP.

2005 was also a good year for Thailand’s auto industry. The number of cars and trucks produced in Thailand from January to August increased 22 per cent on-year to 710,889 units and seems on track to exceed one million vehicles this year. Of vehicles produced so far, 38 per cent were for export according to the Federation of Thai Industries. Vehicle exports in the first eight months of 2005 rose 29 per cent to 269,512 units according to the Federation. However, output of one-ton pickup trucks, the most popular vehicle domestically and for export in Thailand because of its multi-purpose use, grew 41 per cent to 514,332 units, making up 72 per cent of total production."


"Thailand Automotive Industry" will have a long-term positive impact on the this entity, which adds to its value.