"Manufacturing is the nation's largest single sector in the economy with 21.5% of the GDP in 2007 and is well-integrated into Argentine agriculture, accounting for nearly two-thirds of exports in all, with half the nation's industrial exports being agricultural in nature. Leading sectors by production value are: food processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, farming equipment & auto parts, iron, steel & aluminum, petroleum, as well as home appliances and industrial machinery. Other manufactured goods include textiles & leather, plastics & tires, forestry products, publishing, cement, glass and tobacco products. Nearly half the nation's industries are in and around Buenos Aires although Córdoba and Rosario are also home to significant industrial centers. Construction permits nationwide neared 16 million m2 (170 million ft2) in 2005 and the sector is 6% of GDP. Two-thirds of this total was residential construction."