The increase of poverty will cause more cheaper foods to be produce for the poor to feed, the growing population of hunger will cause the prices to rise.

"The widespread of hunger brought about by soaring prices the Food and Agriculture says a billion people will go hungry this year - may have reached a peak and the poor may be backin the market for grain again. This may sound unlikely, as traditionally poor consumers have had little influence over world food prices but economic growth has continued in the largest emerging markets (notably China and India) ad governments in much of the developing world have been expanding aid programmers for the poor, such as condition cash-transfer schemes. That may be boosting demand; it would explain why prices of grain, which everyone eats, have been rising this year while prices of meat- the food of the rich and aspiring middle classes- have continued to fall."

Source: The Economist July 4th 2009 pg. 58 Article "Whatever happened to the food crisis?" …