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Washington Post (WPO) SWOT Analysis Profile

The Washington Post Company, founded in 1877, and its subsidiaries run as a publishing, education, media, and cable company in the United States and throughout the world. The companys media branch consists of newspapers in the Washington, D.C., area and Everett -- the most prominent of which are the companys flagship newspaper, the Washington Post; a weekly news magazine, Newsweek, which has one domestic and three English-language international editions; and Arthur Frommers Budget Travel. The Washington Post Company also owns several newsprint warehousing, recycling, and printing facilities, and operates an electronic media publishing business, which includes The company also owns and operates six VHF television stations out of Detroit, Houston, Miami, San Antonio, Orlando, and Jacksonville, and market and sell cable systems offering basic cable, digital cable, telephone land lines and other services throughout the US. The Washington Post Companys educational division creates material for intitutes for higher education, professional training services, test preparation companies, and K12 materials for children and schools. The company headquarters are located in Washington, District of Columbia. (read full profile)

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