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Stanley Black & Decker (SWK) SWOT Analysi Profile

Stanley Black & Decker, founded in 1843, develops, markets, and sells tools and security products worldwide. The company is divided into three segments: a Consumer Products segment, an Industrial Tools segment, and a Security Solutions segment. The first, consumer products, makes household hand tools and measuring tools like hammers, levels, knives, sledgehammers, pliers, chisels, screwdrivers, and electronic staplers, as well as wrenches and sockets, storage systems, and hardware for cabinets, shelves, fences, and doors. The Industrial Tools segment makes specialty mechanics tools and industrial storage systems, electronic diagnostic tools, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and roofing tools, and hydraulic tools and accessories, hydraulic tools and accessories, laser and optical leveling equipment, and specilty tools for assembling, repairing, and testing electronic equipment. The third segment, Security Solutions, develops and sells locking mechanisms, automatic doors, security systems and software, and installation and maintenance services. The Stanley Works is headquarted in New Britain, Connecticut. (read full profile)

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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 3

Threats + Weaknesses = 3

… A history of overcoming weaknesses makes it difficult for other firms to exploit their difficulties. The ability to capitalize on opportunities get rewarded with higher profits and lower costs. A good defense against threats lowers the risks that profits will decrease. Maintaining strengths can help maintain high profits and low costs.