Tata Motors (TTM) Company Profile

Tata Motors (TTM) Company Profile

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General Information

Name: Tata Motors
Website: http://www.tatamotors.com/
Phone: +91-22-66658282
Email: n/a
Founded: 1945
Employees: n/a
Stage: Growth (expansion)
Location: Mumbai


Industry / Market

Target: Automotive
Products: n/a
Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Management Team

Web Presence




Tata Motors Limited, founded in 1945, manufactures two and four passenger cars, multi-utility vehicles, and commercial vehicles including mini-trucks, heavy dumpers, multi-axled vehicles, tractor-trailers, mixers, and cargo attachments. The company also provides light, medium, and heavy buses such as Magic, a four-wheeler public transport vehicle, and Winger, a maxi-van. Through subsidiaries, Tata Motors also provides construction equipment and machine tools, engineering development, supply chain management, axles and gearboxes for the commercial automotive market, after-market operations, and software; other subsidiaries operate automotive retailing and services and vehicle financing (for company branded vehicles). Though based in Mumbai, India, Tata Motors products are exported throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, south Asia, south east Asia, and South America. The parent company and subsidiaries are part of the Tata Group. (see report summary)

Management Analysis Update

Tata Motors has passionate management, which is a key ingredient for top performing companies. Tata Motors's core business ideology does not solely revolve around money or financial gain. Companies with such limited focus tend to underperform over the long term. A cult-like culture is good for Tata Motors, because it results in a host of positive, long term business results.

Tata Motors Milestones Update

Click here to see 's Discounted Cash Flow analysis.

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