Pool Corp (POOL) Company Profile

Pool Corp (POOL) Company Profile

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General Information

Name: Pool Corp
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a
Founded: n/a
Employees: n/a
Stage: Seed (just an idea)


Industry / Market

Products: n/a
Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Management Team

Web Presence




Pool Corporation, previously SCP Holding Corporation and SCP Pool Corporation, distributes swimming pool supplies, equipment, complementary building materials, and associated water and leisure products on a wholesale basis throughout North America and Europe. Pool Corporations primary clients include landscape construction and maintenance contractors, pool builders and remodelers, golf courses, swimming pool retail stores, and pool repair centers. (see report summary)

Management Analysis Update

Pool Corp's management team was promoted from within. Research indicates that internal hires produce better long term returns for investors. Pool Corp's management avoids the spot light and instead stays focused on the company. A cult-like culture is good for Pool Corp, because it results in a host of positive, long term business results.

Pool Corp Milestones Update

Click here to see 's Discounted Cash Flow analysis.

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