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General Information

Name: David T. Durant
Title: CEO
Age: 30
Email: moc.htlaewikiw|ofni#moc.htlaewikiw|ofni
Phone: n/a

Professional Experience

Current Experience
CEO of WikiWealth
CEO of WikiWealth Capital Management

Past Experience
Senior Associate at Duff & Phelps

Target Market(s):

Est. Salary: n/a
Est. Options: n/a

Educational Experience

University of Florida
East Meadow High School


Years: n/a
Honor(s): Presidential Scholarship
Other Education Details: Graduated with Honors


Web Presence




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Biography of David T. Durant Update

David has over 16 years of investing experience. He follows a conservative value investing approach pioneered by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. He is the CEO and founder of WikiWealth (http://www.wikiwealth.com/), which is a collaborative investment research website that uses crowd sourcing technologies to find investment ideas and companies.

David founded WikiWealth Capital Management (http://www.wikiwealthcapital.com/), is an investment management company for high net worth individuals and institutions. He uses the research generated at WikiWealth to outperform the stock market for clients. David uses a long term oriented value investing approach that has a three year track record of outperforming the stock market.

David is also developing a nonprofit endeavor called First Choice to help disadvantaged high school students get into college. He is working with the University of Florida and Association of Black Alumni to seed the project projected to launch in 2012.

David's goal is to grow WikiWealth, outperform the stock market and develop new ventures.

Skills, Talents, and Honors Update

David specializes in mobilizing large groups of individuals to enact change within organizations and structures from the ground up. His specific skills are the following: value investing, tangible and intangible valuation expertise, business development, search engine optimization, portfolio analysis, hedge fund management, individual money management

Current and Future Projects Update

David is working on WikiWealth, WikiWealth Capital Management and First Choice Education Foundation. David plans to continue working in the areas of web 2.0 collaborative development.

  • WikiWealth PV Platform WikiWealth's service helps organizations to expand their universe of financing beyond banks, angel investors and venture capitalist. Some endeavors need millions to succeed, but other great ideas need much less. WikiWealth helps organizations to be successful by utilizing a community of contributors to improve business plans and invest in private ventures.

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