Occupation Research

-Unique economic analysis of each occupation
-Economic advantages and disadvantages
-Analysis of the long term outlook
-Required knowledge, skills and abilities
-Wiki allows user input & improvements
-Analysis of economic benefits of working

Click on any link to see a occupational research report. Each report breaks down the earnings the occupation can yield, the requirements in pursuit of the occupation. Make a contribution: tutorial Commodity Research Experimental Mode).

Occupation Research and Analysis

Occupation Industry Classification
Accountant Financial Services
Actuary Financial Services
Athletic Trainer Health Care
Biomedical Engineer Technology
Business Administration Financial Services
Civil Engineer Industrial
Clergy Religion
Commercial Pilot Discretionary
Computer Software Engineer Technology
Computer Support Specialist Technology
Computer Systems Analyst Technology
Court Reporter Legal
Curator Health Care
Dental Hygienist Health Care
Document Control Manufacturing
Education Administrator Public Sector
Emergency Management Specialist Emergency Management
Engineering Industrial
Environmental Engineering Technician Technology
Environmental Science Technician Technology
Farm business manager
Film and Video Editor Creative Sector
Financial Adviser Financial Services
Financial Analyst Financial Services
Firefighter Emergency Management
Gaming Manager Creative Sector
Heating, AC and Refrigeration Technician Trades
Hydrologist Technology
Interpreter Translator Service Sector
Lab Technician Health Care
Legal Services Legal
Logistician Industrial
Marriage and Family Therapist Social Sector
Massage Therapist Health Care
Mediator Social Sector
Medical and Public Health Social Worker Social Sector
Medical Doctor Health Care
Meeting Planner Service Sector
Meteorologist Technology
Multimedia Artist Creative Sector
Network Architect Technology
Nurse Practitioner Health Care
Occupational Therapist Health Care
Optometrist Health Care
Physical Therapist Health Care
Physical Therapist Assistant Health Care
Physician Assistant Health Care
Public Relations Specialist Service Sector
Radiologic Technologist Health Care
Registered Nurse Health Care
Sales Manager Service Sector
School Psychologist Health Care
Special-education Teacher Social Sector
Technical Writer Service Sector
Technology Generalist Technology
Training Specialist Health Care
Urban Planner Social Sector
Veterinarian Animal Health