Health Care

Health Care Market Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Market: Health Care
Classification: Health Care
Stage: Late Stage (mature)
Size: Trillions
Growth Rate: 5%
Important Market Centers

Required Commodities

Employment Profile

Careers: Doctor, Nurse, Etc.
Required Skills: Science
Other Details: N/A
Specialty Schools For This Market
University of Florida's College of Medicine

Recommended Degrees
Medical Degree

Top Occupations in This Market
Medical Doctor
Nurse Practitioner


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The health care industry depends on the care of health-related services by professionals for the benefit of patients. Medical device markers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical drug developers and government institutions are major participants in the treatment of sick, injured and disabled patients.

Health Care Market Strengths Update

Recession proof industry.

Health Care Market Weaknesses Update

Spiraling cost are bring political tension and hurting patient care.

Health Care Market Trends Update

Demographics shifts will help increase the market.


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