Beer Distribution

Beer Distribution Market Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Market: Beer Distribution
Classification: Discretionary
Stage: Late Stage (mature)
Growth Rate:
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Entrenched throughout East Central region of US

Beer Distribution Market Strengths Update

Has held top market position among lagers in West VA for almost 50 years for an old school, regional brewery where the beer is distributed. Mountain Man Lager best known regional beer. Brand is most successful among blue-collar workers. Brand most recognizable among working-class males in East Central Region. Brand known for quality and loyalty of customers

Beer Distribution Market Weaknesses Update

Competition from major domestic producers, second-tier domestic producers, Import producers, and craft beer industry. Beer promotion is sharply limited in some retail stores due to new legislation. Distributors discriminating against smaller brands.

Beer Distribution Market Trends Update

18.3% of all US beer sales occur in East Central Region. Mountain Man's revenue down 2% in 2005. Growth in 'light' beer category has been steadily gaining market share. in 2005, it accounted for 50.4%


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