Argentina (ARS, Nuevo Peso) Economic & Currency Analysis

Argentina (ARS, Peso) Currency FX Analysis

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Argentina SWOT Statistics

Strengths + Opportunities = 22

Threats + Weaknesses = 9

When strengths & opportunities substantially exceed threats & weaknesses an investment in the Peso has great long term potential.

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is one of the largest Spanish speaking nations in the world. Argentina is rich in natural resources such as, petroleum, natural gas, coal, copper, zinc, magnesium, sulfur, tungsten, uranium silver, and gold, and is one of the world’s top producers of agricultural products such as, citrus fruit, grapes, honey, maize, sorghum, soybeans, squash, sunflower seeds, wheat, yerba mate and Argentine’s Worlds famous beef. The manufacturing sector of Argentina’s economy accounts for more than 20% of the nations GDP and includes the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and auto parts. In 1999- 2002 Argentina suffered their worst economic decline caused significant declines in Argentine’s GDP as well as inflation that topped 5000% a year.

Peso Currency Analysis Update

Argentina (ARS) has abundant natural resources and an agriculture dependent economy with a well-educated population. Argentina's Fundamental Currency Analysis (short term investment): the Argentinian currency has significant potential to increase in value, especially versus all major currencies, because of their especially high interest rates and investment flow potential. Argentina's Value Investor Survey (short term investment): the economic environment is moderately favorable for long term economic growth, due to higher scores on the SWOT strengths versus weaknesses. Argentina's Currency Trading Strategy: Argentina's has a significantly undervalued currency, but political risk makes the country unstable. High investment flow potential, undervalued currency and moderate political risk create an overall positive outlook for Argentina's investments.

Factors That Positively Affect The Peso

  • Sound Financial Policies Latin America has been able to resist many of the economics woes of the 2007-2010 recession with a little luck and some sounds financial policies. After the debt crisis of 1982, Latin America has...

Factors That Negatively Affect The Peso