WaterCommodity Research and Analysis

Water Commodity Research and Analysis

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United Kingdom

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Water Conclusion - Water has few macro-economic factors that will cause prices to increase over a short period of time. An increase in demand will not cause a significant increase in price.

SWOT Statistics water SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 12

Threats + Weaknesses = 6

Water Description Update

Water is a chemical substance. One oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds make up a molecule of water. The Earth's surface is covered by 70.9% of water. Water treatment systems such as water filters are important when people drink water as it may sometimes be diluted with toxins. Water's is the most precious substance on earth. Without water life cannot exist. Contamination and pollution could possible limit the supply of water. Residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the economy are provided water by different water industries. The water industry includes manufacturers and Local government, national government, private ownership and co-operative are the different types of organizational structures for the water industry.

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