Tobacco Commodity Research and Analysis

Tobacco Commodity Research and Analysis

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Tobacco Conclusion - Low capacity to increase supply means that an increase in demand for Tobacco will significantly increase prices. When Tobacco Commodity Research and Analysis prices increase, consumers can not reduce their demand easily; therefore, Tobacco prices will remain elevated.

SWOT Statistics tobacco SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 6

Threats + Weaknesses = 4

Tobacco Description Update

Tobacco is made from the leaves of the nicotiana plant which is grown mainly in the United States, China, and Cuba. The leaves are harvested and then allowed to cure before being formed into tobacco. The tobacco is then used to make chewed, dipped, and snuff tobacco as well as smoked cigarettes and cigars. Tobacco is also used to make an organic pesticide. Growers are currently unable to keep up with the demand for tobacco. Tobacco's demand is in part due to medicinal applications, but mostly due to its addictive nature when used in cigarettes and other forms of chewing tobacco.

What Increases the Price of Tobacco?

  • Addiction The addiction of nicotine solidifies the demand for the product. In low concentrations (an average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine), the substance acts as a stimulant in mammals and...

What Decreases the Price of Tobacco?

  • Tobacco Farms Declining Lower demand, higher prices and health issues is leading farmers to decrease land usage for Tobacco. Tobacco farms are becoming fewer in number and U.S. tobacco acreage has declined since the 1950s....
  • Increase in Health Risk Tobacco is responsible for one of the leading cause of preventable death. With health cost rising throughout the world, tobacco is becoming a major health budget concern. Tobacco use leads most...

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