Platinum Commodity Research and Analysis

Platinum Commodity Research and Analysis

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Platinum Conclusion - Low capacity to increase supply means that an increase in demand for Platinum will significantly increase prices. When Platinum prices increase, consumers can not easily switch to using other commodities; therefore, prices will remain elevated.

SWOT Statistics platinum SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 6

Threats + Weaknesses = 7

Platinum Description Update

Platinum is an exceedingly rare precious metal. It occurs in only a very tiny percentage of the earth crust, making it's value well above that of gold. The majority of platinum deposits are in South Africa, which accounts for more than 80 percent of the world production. Platinum is often used for certain auto parts such a catalytic converters, as well as in dentistry tools, and platinum jewelry. It is a heavy metals, and thus there are health risks associated with degrading platinum, however due to its high resistance to corrosion the health factors are small. Due to its rarity advertisers often use the term "Platinum" to refer to high grade services, such as Platinum Credit Cards.

What Increases the Price of Platinum?

  • Diverse Uses Of Platinum Diverse uses of platinum make it a highly valuable precious metal. Platinum is used in electronics, jewelry, medical drugs including anti cancer drugs, oxygen sensors, and electrodes. Most...
  • Limited Supply The quantity of natural resource is limited, so the continued use of natural resources will increase the price of those resources over time unless new sources become available.

What Decreases the Price of Platinum?

  • High Energy Consumption during Processing Because the cost of processing has a direct proportionality to manufacturing costs, as energy costs to convert an ore for a desired use rise, the cost of manufacturing also increases.
  • Medical Ailments Platinum has been linked to some physical ailments due to prolonged exposure. This may reduce or limit the application of platinum to other areas.
  • The Price Of Platinum The price of platinum tops that of gold. At over $1,200 per oz platinum comes with a very heavy price tag. The price of platinum is also significantly more volatile than gold. The price of platinum...

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