Lumber Commodity Research and Analysis

Lumber Commodity Research and Analysis

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Difficult to Expand Short Term Supply?

Not Sensitive to Price Changes?

Lack Good Substitute Commodity?

Lumber Conclusion - Low capacity to increase supply means that an increase in demand for Lumber will significantly increase prices.

SWOT Statistics lumber SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 5

Threats + Weaknesses = 3

Lumber Description Update

Lumber is processed trees which are used chiefly in the construction and paper industries. Lumber has several different means and stages of production and many factors contribute to the processing of the original material, trees, to its final stage of usable wood for building and compressed pulp for the paper industry. The industry is based around the sales of commercial and civilian working wood and paper. United States is the leading producer and processor of lumber followed by Canada then Europe. Since the United State is also a leading consumer of the commodity most of the final manufacturing is completed within the continental forty eight states.

What Increases the Price of Lumber?

What Decreases the Price of Lumber?

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Bullish Case for Lumber?

Bearish Case for Lumber?

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