Diamond Commodity Research and Analysis

Diamond Commodity Research and Analysis

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South Africa

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Diamond Conclusion - Diamond has few macro-economic factors that will cause prices to increase over a short period of time. An increase in demand will not cause a significant increase in price.

SWOT Statistics diamond SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 4

Threats + Weaknesses = 2

Diamond Description Update

Diamond is more than just a girl's best friend. It is the hardest natural material known. Due to the hardness of diamond, it makes for a superb gemstone, as it can only be scratched by other diamonds. The durability of the diamond is what made it the popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, since these are worn everyday. Not only is the diamond hard, but also tough, meaning that it has a resistance to breaking from impact. A pure diamond should appear as a clear crystal that is colorless because it has the ability to transmit light. Different ions can be combined with diamond to produce colored diamonds, which are gaining popularity. A sure way to identify a diamond properly is their ability to conduct heat.

What Increases the Price of Diamond?

  • Industrial Use of Diamonds 80% of mined diamonds are for industrial use. The market for industrial-grade diamonds operates much differently from its gem-grade counterpart. Industrial diamonds are valued mostly for their...

What Decreases the Price of Diamond?

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Bullish Case for Diamond?

Bearish Case for Diamond?

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