Copper Commodity Research and Analysis

Copper Commodity Research and Analysis

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Copper Commodity Research and Analysis
Iron Commodity Research and Analysis

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Grupo México

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Copper Conclusion - When Copper Commodity Research and Analysis prices increase, consumers can not reduce their demand easily; therefore, Copper prices will remain elevated.

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Strengths + Opportunities = 6

Threats + Weaknesses = 4

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Copper Description Update

Copper is a soft ductile metal that has high thermal and electrical conductivity. In its pure form it appears to be a peachy color. It is used for building materials, a thermal conductor, an electrical conductor and is a basic ingredient to many different alloys. It is one of three metals that have a natural color that is not gray or silver. It has the second highest conductivity, both thermal and electrical, of all the metals. Due to its high electrical conductivity and ease of use, it is used in electrical work. Copper also does not react with water. It is one of the few minerals that is un-compounded in its natural form. people mainly use this commodity in building construction.

What Increases the Price of Copper?

  • Wide Array of Uses Copper has a wide range of applications. It is used in water pipes, HVAC systems, electrical wiring, electromagnets, building and construction, household items, and medical imaging.
  • Limited Supply The quantity of natural resource is limited, so the continued use of natural resources will increase the price of those resources over time unless new sources become available.

What Decreases the Price of Copper?

Trading / Investing Strategy for Copper? Update

Bullish Case for Copper? The rise of China is increasing the demand for copper.

Problems in Congo

Bearish Case for Copper?

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