Marketing Degree Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Degree: Marketing
Industry Classification: Marketing
Short Description: Explaining to people the benefits of certain products and services.

Earnings Potential

Yearly (ave): 60,000
Hourly (ave): n/a
Expected Growth: n/a
Regional Variations: n/a
Other Details: n/a

Educational Requirements

Course Prerequisites: n/a
Non-Course Prerequisites: n/a
Related Degrees:

Other Details:

Time Requirements

Years of Study:
Hours per Week:
Post-Study Learning Curve:
Other Details:

Jobs and Professors

Degree Helps in Pursuit of…


Web Presence:




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Marketing Profile Update

Description: Earnings Potential: Upward Mobility: Educational Requirements:

Marketing Long Term Outlook Update

Economic Advantages:

  • Supply Chain (Marketing ) A strong supply chain helps **Marketing ** obtain the right resources from suppliers and delivery the right product to customers in a timely manner…

Economic Disadvantages:

  • High Debt Burden (Marketing ) A high debt burden increases the risk that **Marketing ** goes bankrupt if they make a poor business decision. Increasing risks can increase **Marketing **’s debt interest payments…
  • Lack of Scale (Marketing ) A lack of scale means **Marketing **’s cost per unit of output is very high. Increasing volume, while maintain quality, would help reduce those costs…

Acquired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Update


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