Education plays a significant and positive roll in the performance of countries; however, education achievement is declining in Brazil.

"Even in the richer areas, however, the standards have been falling over the past decades. A cycle was observed in Brazil: the State invested little in education; the standards of public education dropped; the middle class moved their children to private schools; the middle class stopped to care about public education; the State invested even less in education; the standards fell even more;

Education is open to free enterprising, under official supervision. Nowadays, practically all the middle class sends their children to private schools. Costs may vary from as little as R$ 50 (US$ 20) in smaller cities to R$ 500 in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro (cities where services are most expensive in Brazil).

Declining educational systems will have an effect on future economy growth, because high paying jobs will need highly skilled workers. Without a good education system, those skilled jobs will have to move to other countries."

Source:"Education" will have a long-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from the entity's value.