Saudi Arabia violates human rights against women. Abused and discriminated are common.

"Discrimination against women impacts upon and compounds the wide range of human rights violations commonly reported in Saudi Arabia. These violations, which have been described in detail in two recent Amnesty International reports on Saudi Arabia, A Justice System Without Justice and A Secret State of Suffering, include arbitrary arrest and detention as facilitated by the wide-ranging powers enjoyed by the arresting authorities; vague written and unwritten laws; secret and grossly unfair trials; torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; and the use of the death penalty. This report begins by discussing the discrimination faced by women. Among the issues covered are: laws and customs which specifically discriminate against women; the absence of laws and other measures to counteract discrimination; laws that appear to be gender-neutral but may have a discriminatory impact on women or perpetuate discrimination against women; and the non-enforcement or inadequate enforcement of laws which provide human rights guarantees. The report also discusses in detail the double discrimination faced by domestic workers because they are both foreign nationals and women.

Countries that face discrimination issues, tend to provoke economic conflict, because the most talent human resources are not used efficiently."