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Least widespread but a possible domino effect over all handheld communication devices, direct ear contact, eye-wear display or computing devices, and so on. Through first hand experiences with professionals in the radiology field, there has been a spike in brain and ear tumor related illnesses as focused on by the radiology community. Professionals in the field working on the equipment the longest have confirmed the trend. As an adversely related question to accounts of close proximity radiation, people in the field who are around it more often than those who are not, are (in theory as affirmed first hand by "the" professionals) seemingly building tolerance. Frank evaluation - electronic devices will come under fire, possibly in the "20's" here-coming, as the anti-cancer/pro-health pro-green pro-natural pro-AWARENESS movement gains momentum. Movement leaders will likely target the largest companies. Ace in the sleeve- though controversial reports wont confirm or deny radiation influence on related tumors, the offset is that professionals in the field can and/or will contest a tolerance build up to these types of radiations. …