Disease is a threat to all agricultural products, not excluding tobacco. A major strain of the disease affect tobacco is known as blue mold.

"Origins of this outbreak remain problematic and are still under investigation. Symptoms first appeared in a window of time around July 6. Rainfall in the Ohio Valley region has been variable, with days of showers or storms interspersed with dry days. Most areas are near normal, though there are a great many locations with above or below normal rainfall during this period.

Transport events from this area over the past 2 weeks exhibited a variety of behaviors and directions. No one growing area can be emphasized over another or excluded from potential impacts. Growers through the Ohio Valley and southern Appalachian Mountains should be watchful of their plants for signs of disease. A few transport events within the past 2 weeks may also have reached southern Ontario, as well.

Plant diseases affect the supply of the plant. When supplies decrease and demand stays the same, prices much increase, but total revenue is usually negatively affected."