"Italy is one of the wealthier countries of Europe, but as the global economy and unemployment rates begin to go bad, so does Italy’s. As of November 2008, It is estimated around 7.5 million Italians are estimated to be living below the poverty line. This is 13% of the population living at a defined income of less than 600 Euros a month for a single person, 1,607 Euros a month for a family of four, or under 2,637 Euros a month for a family of six or more. Of the estimated 58 million people who live there, around 170,000 are considered extremely poor or living well below the poverty line. Veneto was considered the richest region according to a survey done by Istat, with just 3.3 % living below the poverty line, while Sicily was determined to be the poorest region with 27.6% living in poverty. Southern families were also four times more likely to be living in poverty than those who resided in other regions of the country. Istat also determined that 11.1% of families lived below the poverty line, while 4.2 % lived “just above”, and 3.7% were at risk for living in poverty. Eighty-one percent of families were considered to not be poor according to the spending capacity per single person, family of four, or family of six or more. The poverty levels of Italy are predicted to rise as the global economic markets and economies continue to struggle and fall into recessions."