"Tourists from all around the globe are fascinated with Chile because of its several natural attractions, from the northern desert to the Lake District to the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia in the south. With a length that exceeds 4,300 kilometers from north to south, the Chilean territory connects various extreme geographies, climates, and cultures. It is a land of contrasts that combines deserts, mountains, Mediterranean landscapes, subtropical islands, vast open plains, ice fields, fjords, lakes, tundra-like areas, and glaciers. Besides its natural beauty and an interesting blend of cultures, any visitor in Chile will find exquisite wines and sea food, exclusive handicrafts, shopping, old and modern architecture which makes this country a beautiful and memorable place to visit. Chile comprises fantastic National Parks, including Easter Island famous for its mysterious giant statues and numerous activities and sports for outdoor enthusiasts.

Chile is becoming increasingly popular as one of Latin America’s leading travel destinations. During January to June 2008 there were 1,420,531 international tourists visiting Chile. This volume is 9.1% greater than the same period in 2007 and does not include Chilean residents who currently live outside the country. In 2008, the World Travel & Tourism reported that out of 176 countries in 2008, Chile is 14th in terms of growth in the tourism sector. However, the tourism market remains with a low contribution to Chile’s GPD."