The US military is starting to purchase off the shelf software and hardware to reduce cost and increase speed to development. Typical made to order military goods are custom made and expensive; they take years to develop and are often old by the time they arrive for use. The technology industry is much more user friendly, has narrow shelf lives, and are often more technologically advance than traditional military applications.

According to "BAE Systems, a Brititsh aerospace and defense contractor, has calculated that a 500 dollar video card from NVIDIA, a California company which is a leader in gaming graphics, can replace 50,000 dollars worth of other computing equipment used for engineering simulation."

The US military bought hundreds of PS3 game consoles to link them up to produce a super computer for 1 tenth of the cost of an original made to order super computer. … "Off-The-Shelf Military Procurement" has a significant impact, so an analyst should put more weight into it.