Information technology advancement can stimulate Greece's economy and create jobs and revenue for the government.

"Ericsson is the largest invester of telecommunications time and resources within Greece. The Swiss company believes that since Greece has not yet established an adequate phone-line system to meet the needs of all its citizens, they can take advantage of the situation and offer cellular services to individuals who desire better communicational services. Ericsson's sales rates within Greece are increasing at a steady rate of 12% per year.

One strength in IT which Greece sustains is its vast technological schools and several Informational System educational programs. While there are over 70 institutions specializing in IS development, Greece continues to gain awareness and exposure to an industry which will always is growing and moving towards new heights. The most advantageous area within IT development in Greece is that there is ample opportunity for growth. Since Greece's IT is presently at a "learning curve" stage, the country can continue to absorb the knowledge necessary to establish a productive industry which can enhance the standard of living throughout the land and its islands.

Since Greece is a member of the EU, it would be advantageous for any multinational company to invest in IT manufacturing within its boarders. The government openlywelcomes foreign investment and offers generous incentives that include cash grants, accelerated depreciation, interest rate subsidies and tax allowances.In addition, foreign investment is protected by the Constitution, and investors are allowed to repatriate in foreign currency all capital, profits, dividends, and interest. The opportunity for teaching Greece new IT usages is immense, as turnkey projects could prove to be profitable for all players.

Greece would benefit from adopting advanced telecommunications infrastructure, because companies and citizens would have more efficient and cheaper forms of communications."

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