"Many of the top automotive companies (Suzuki, Tata Motors, Nissan, etc) have plans to make Thailand a centre for eco-car production. Tata (India) wants to produce 35,000 pick-ups and has already marked the country as a regional hub, according to the Bangkok Post. Suzuki wants to produce 138,000 eco-friendly vehicles a year in Thailand while while Nissan plans an annual production of 120,000 units. Toyota and Mitsubishi will join Honda in receiving investment incentives from Thailand to produce green vehicles. Thailand’s approach to the future of its vehicle manufacturing sector is to offer investment incentives and tax breaks for small cars. It has already established itself as the South East Asian hub for vehicle production. So far eco-friendly cars account for only a tiny slice of the Asian vehicle market but that is likely to change as market demand climbs and environmental issues become more urgent."