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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 15

Threats + Weaknesses = 6

Branding is very well recognized but the signage to the center needs to be improved, advertising in local shops etc, leaflet drops to new house builds. Street marketing.
New services arrange outreach fitness taster sessions in local halls. This will reduce the number of non LED courses being run and may encourage new members.

Pricing power as Honiton is part of a larger group then it is able to achieve competitive prices when purchasing new equipment and general supplies. Group servicing contracts and central purchasing needs to be set up including volume purchasing for the group.
It also means that the Gym can subsidies the pool or vice verses if needed to provide a complete service to the community.

Opportunities, asses the possibility of a fitness centre in Cranbrook using existing qualified and passionate staff from Honiton LED centre for the set up

Customer Offer deals at different times of the year to try and cover when the income starts to drop off For example January everyone wants to join offer a deal later when they start to drop off.. Offer deals to long term members to keep them interested. Loyalty cards etc.

Technology needs to be improved new database and speeding up to save time.
Mobile phone apps and texting appointment reminders to clients will save time and effort from the team. Saving in lost appointments.
Self signing in with ski card system. Micro chip membership cards saving time for the reception staff and also extra point of sale. Quicker access for the members.

We need to be aware of the current financial climate and price accordingly and be very pro active to up and coming trends. ie classes equipment.
We also need to be aware of local development in the fitness industry.