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How to use the SWOT generator

WikiWealth's free SWOT analysis evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an investment, strategy, product, etc. Fill out the form above or see our SWOT tutorial to help build upon an existing analysis.

How to create a new template

This template gives you the opportunity to create a customized analysis with some of the most popular SWOT statements and explanations available. This simple generator has many options, but it also allows a user to create additional unique content in the custom space provided.

After you've created a unique template

Once you've either clicked or written in your custom statements, the generator will create your SWOT template. At that point, you have additional features you can customize. You can vote up important or meaningful statements. You can flag statements that need to be deleted and you can easily edit the existing statements in a popup window. It's important to try all the features, because it can help to create a better analysis for you and your team.

Don't Forget

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