Research (Buy / Sell / Hold Conclusions)

Stock Research: Buy low, sell high. WikiWealth provides the complete investment picture for thousands of companies.

Mutual Fund Research: A mutual fund is a basket of investments that serve to increase returns and limit risk for investors.

ETF Fund Research: An ETF fund is a basket of investments that have qualities of a mutual fund, but trades like a stock.

Currency Research: Trade currencies? See the world's only investment flows analysis and unique currency value predictor.

Commodity Research: Innovative commodity analysis that uses a unique supply and demand system to determine potential.

Industry Research: Start your company research by understanding which industries are undervalued.

WACC Discount Rate Portal: The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is the rate companies must pay to finance their assets.

Discounted Cash Flow Portal: This is the most important measure WikiWealth uses to determine company value.

Market (comparative) Multiple Portal: WikiWealth uses this method to determine company value by comparing like companies via their multiples.

Buffett Intrinsic Valuation Portal: WikiWealth invented this method to mimic the investing capabilities of Warren Buffett. It's surprisingly simple and effective.

Analysis (Make Your Own Conclusion)

SWOT Analysis: A SWOT Analysis evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a business or project.

5 Forces Analysis: Porter's five forces analysis evaluates industry competitiveness.

Private Ventures: An area where entrepreneurs, investors, and talent can collaborate and thrive.

Portfolio Analysis: An area where hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs and individual investors can post their portfolios.

People Analysis: A biography and analysis of individuals, their talents and skills.

Location Analysis: A profile of each location's advantages and disadvantages.

Market Analysis: A profile of the market and an analysis of a market's advantages and disadvantages.

Education Analysis: Analysis of the economic potential of different educational institutions.

Academic Degree Analysis: Economic potential of different degrees.

Occupation Analysis: Economic analysis of an occupation.


Top 10 Best Buys: See the top 10 best buys for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

Best Stocks to Buy: WikiWealth finds the best investments among our entire database of companies.

Academic Resources: Financial templates, tools, websites, and more.

SWOT Analysis Generator: Quickly and easily make any SWOT analysis model you desire. Afterwards, edit and improve your creation.

Porter's Five Forces Generator: Quickly and easily make any five forces model you desire. Afterwards, edit and improve your creation.


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