Free Financial Data Download | Rates, Margins, Multiples, Etc.

WikiWealth's Financial Data

Whether you are a quant trader or university student, WikiWealth's enormous library of financial data is available to download. Access the same data we use to produce top quality investment research on Every number you see on our website is available for download. Just type in the symbols and hit the download button.

WikiWealth sources all data directly from publicly available financial statements at the SEC. Since our data is transparent, website users have a hand in assuring that all our numbers are correct. Compare our data quality to that of Google finance and Yahoo! finance and you'll see the difference.

  • Ability to download more than three companies at a time. In fact, you can download our entire financial database.
  • Create customized packages where you request any number of symbols and frequency of downloads.
  • Offer in-depth financial statement data like growth rates, margins, multiples, investment potential, etc.

Email us for premium access or to request features: moc.htlaewikiw|ofni#moc.htlaewikiw|ofni. Make a request and a representative will contact you shortly.