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The Knife Glider 2 0

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General Information

Phone: n/a
Email: moc.redilgefink|redilg#moc.redilgefink|redilg
Employees: n/a
Stage: Seed (just an idea)
Location: USA


Industry / Market

Target: Consumer Durables
Products: Knife Glider with two attachments.
Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Management Team

Web Presence




The Knife Glider, LLC is a family owned business founded in 2014 by Sam and Jen Ship. The business was formed to manufacture and market a small line of kitchen utensils Spurred on by the successful showing at various food shows, we are now encouraged to actively pursue relationships with inventors and product developers all over the world. Over time our product line has grown to include specialized but essential kitchen items. We expect our products to soon be available in specialty stores, mass merchants, supermarkets, drug stores, hardware stores, clubs and online retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Overseas.
Our mission is to bring unique products, fresh ideas, stylish designs and superior functionality to consumers at prices that offer outstanding value. We strive to introduce innovative new products designs that “really work” and provide family fun and safety. If one of our products can make life easier for you, then we’ve accomplished our mission. Our products are innovative, functional, affordable, and fun! (see report summary)

Management Analysis Update

At present time the management consist of Mr. Sam Ship, owner and creator. Mr. Ship has his MBA degree and owns two other business - Window Washing business, and a product development company. Brilliant Inventors L.L.C. This company will be the service channel to take innovative ideas from concept to market. The first of our ideas closest to market is The Knife Glider.

Milestones Update

Knife Glider featured on: Progress Times; Women Inventorz; The Monitor Newspaper; Valley Business Report; KVEO NBC 23 News; StumbleUpon; TrendHunter, and El Manana Newspaper.

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