STERIS (STE) Company Profile

STERIS (STE) Company Profile

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General Information

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Industry / Market

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STERIS Corporation, founded in 1985, develops and manufactures medical products for the prevention of infection and contamination to a variety of customers worldwide including healthcare, pharmaceutical, research, and government. Products include sterilizers, automated disinfectant systems, and surgical equipment such as tables, lighting, storage, and scrub sinks. In addition, STERIS Corporation offers various preventive maintenance programs, repair service, and sterilization consulting. Formerly known as Innovative Medical Technologies, the company is headquartered in Mentor, Ohio. (see report summary)

Management Analysis Update

STERIS has a consistent company strategy. Big strategy changes can be disruptive, which could hurt long term value. STERIS's management team was promoted from within. Research indicates that internal hires produce better long term returns for investors. STERIS's management avoids the spot light and instead stays focused on the company. STERIS's core business ideology does not solely revolve around money or financial gain. Companies with such limited focus tend to underperform over the long term. A cult-like culture is good for STERIS, because it results in a host of positive, long term business results.

STERIS Milestones Update

Click here to see 's Discounted Cash Flow analysis.

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