American Dental Partners (ADPI) Company Profile

American Dental Partners (ADPI) Company Profile

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General Information

Name: American Dental Partners
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a
Founded: n/a
Employees: n/a
Stage: Seed (just an idea)


Industry / Market

Products: n/a
Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Management Team

Web Presence




American Dental Partners, Inc., founded in 1995, provides dental facilities to some 611 dentists in 266 facilities through long-term service agreements. The company provides various non-clinical administrative services for the dental operations, including organizational development, recruiting and training, employee benefits administration, and information technology. American Dental Partners is based in Wakefield, Massachusetts. (see report summary)

Management Analysis Update

American Dental Partners Milestones Update

July, 2015: American dental partners named Kevin Trexler as new CEO
April, 2015: Patterson Companies partners with Sirona Dental to provide CAD/CAM technology to American Dental Partners
May, 2013: Announced reaccreditation of Western New York Dental Group, a multi-specialty group practice with 16 practice locations in Buffalo and Rochester
May, 2013: Announced reaccreditation of Carus Dental, a multi-specialty group practice with 22 office locations throughout Austin and Houston, Texas
February, 2012: JLL Partners acquired American Dental Partners

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