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Name: Scott Milne
Title: Global Director IAEM, President Oceania
Age: 54
Email: n/a
Phone: n/a
Location: Australia

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Emergency Management
Social Sector

Est. Salary: 250,000
Est. Options: n/a

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Australian National University


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Biography of Scott Milne Update

Scott Milne, ESM, FAcEM, is the AMSA Response Manager, Emergency Management. Scott is on the Global Board and Oceania President of IAEM, and Division President AIES. Scott was previously A/g Director at EMA, EXO to the Director General EMA, and A/g Director AEMI. EMA was responsible for reducing the impact of natural, technological and human-caused disasters in Australia. At EMA Scott participated in exercises with the USA and discussions in Singapore, Indonesia and with China. Scott was the ACT Emergency Services Authority, Manager Joint Plans and Operations and as Executive Officer Emergency Management Policy. Scott’s public service career spans nearly 25 years in: Emergency Management and operations, disaster recovery, counter terrorism and Social Work covering community health, hospital, psychiatric care and child protection. Scott is a Fellow of the Emergency Management Academy, a graduate of the Australian National University, Charles Sturt University, the Emergency Management Australia Institute, and a qualified Social Worker. As an SES volunteer for nearly 30 years, Scott served in a variety of command positions including as Commander of the Headquarters of the ACT SES for ten years. Scott has held various senior operational roles including in response to Tropical Cyclone Larry, ACT support to the Australian Tsunami Crisis 2004/05, ACT Bushfires 2003, ACT Christmas Bushfires 2001, MIR Space Station re-entry 2001, Y2K National Operations Centre 2000, Olympic Volunteers in Policing and Torch Relay 2000, Thredbo Landslide 1997, NSW Bushfires 1994, and numerous floods in NSW during the 1980’s.

Skills, Talents, and Honors Update

Scott has received numerous awards including the Emergency Service Medal (ESM) in the 2002 Australia Day Honours list for leadership in Emergency and Rural Fire Services and both an Emergency Medal and a Chief Minister’s Certificate of recognition, for response and recovery around the January 2003 Bushfires. Scott is also active on a number of charity boards.

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