PVH CORP Private Company Analysis

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General Information

Type: Profit
Website: http://www.wikiwealth.com/
Phone: 1122345
Email: moc.oohay|asregemarefet#moc.oohay|asregemarefet
Founded: 2008
Employees: n/a
Stage: Growth (expansion)
Location: philippines


s, FL 34109

Industry / Market

Investment Management
Web 2.0
Investment Research

Size: n/m
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: This is a fast growing market, but no data exists to indicate its growth rate. WikiWealth's user base grew over 200%, annually since inception.

Funding Needs

Funding Need: $0
Type of Financing: Both
Equity for Sale: 100%
Expected ROI:
Use of Funds:
Other Info:

Team Members

Management Teams
David T. Durant
Paul Durant
Khalid Majied
Patrick Durant
Kelly Patrick
Investor Teams

Employee Needs

Current: n/a
Interns Needed? Not Sure
Other Info n/a





Seek Partnership

Investment Conclusion

Seek Partnership: WikiWealth will best maximize their potential by selling the business or forming a partnership with an established company. PVH CORP needs $0 in funding.

Description Update

WikiWealth combines the sum of the world’s knowledge, thinking, and skills to produce the highest quality research and analysis for every type of investment. Our 10,000 reports cover everything from stocks and funds to education and occupations. WikiWealth's users can find information anywhere.you can become more clever Vision: WikiWealth strives to research every investment in the world.

Market Analysis Update

Challenges: Research is very expensive and often inaccurate. From Wall Street stock research reports to occupational and market analysis, fees are too high. Besides costs, quality is a major concern due to conflicts of interest and reports that grow stale. Research quality continues to diminish due to the difficulty of making money from lower quality analysis. Opportunities: Any firm that can provide a low cost solution that at least maintains quality, can grab market share in the research and analysis segment. Transparency and consistency are two attributes that can further increase the acceptance of an alternative service. Solutions: WikiWealth uses the power of the internet to produce better quality research at a fraction of the costs. WikiWealth strives to produce the highest level of quality by encouraging critiques, edits, and contributions from it's ecosystem of analysts. Low costs are result of WikiWealth's proprietary research system.

Strategy Analysis Update

General Strategy: WikiWealth is expanding quickly to establish itself in as many markets as possible. This will give it reach and a consistent flow of traffic. Competition: The biggest competitive threat is shrinking due to bad investments and a business strategy that failed to recognize Wikipedia as a peripheral competitive threat. WikiWealth does not compete with Wikipedia, which provides information. WikiWealth provides investment analysis (aka: answers, conclusions, actionable research). Competitive Advantages: WikiWealth has a large and fast-growing user base of contributors. This base helps to maintain the quality of WikiWealth's research. The user base also helps WikiWealth to quickly expand their products and services. Management Experience: WikiWealth's management team has a background in financial services, information technology and investment management. They are experts at investment valuation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, which helps differentiate the firm from potential competition. Risk Factors: Risk that technology changes in unexpected ways. Keys to Success: Partnerships with an established information provider can help WikiWealth to grow.

Entry Year -2 Year -1 Current
Revenue $n/a $n/a $n/a
EBITDA $n/a $n/a $n/a
Cash Flow $n/a $n/a $n/a

Financial Analysis Update

Financial Information: WikiWealth is profitable. Current Revenue Sources: Advertising, client services and investment management. Future Revenue Sources: Advertising, client services, subscription uses, and investment management. Milestones WikiWealth's annual growth rate is increasing as of Sept, 2010. WikiWealth passed the 100k monthly user mark in 2010. WikiWealth launched it's expanded research offerings in 2011.

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