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General Information

Name: www.iyengaarsrealtors.com
Website: http://www.iyengaarsrealtors.com
Phone: 9845535438
Email: moc.oohay|5020aanhsirk#moc.oohay|5020aanhsirk
Founded: 1992
Employees: 5-10
Stage: Growth (expansion)
Location: India

Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Industry / Market

Service Sector

Business Services

Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Funding Needs

Funding Need: $0
Type of Financing: Neither
Equity for Sale: 0%
Expected ROI:
Use of Funds:
Other Info:

Team Members

Management Teams

Investor Teams

Employee Needs

Current: n/a
Interns Needed? Yes
Other Info n/a





No Change

Investment Conclusion

No Change: n/a. www.iyengaarsrealtors.com needs $0 in funding.

Description Update

Iyengaars Realtors is a privately owned company engaged in providing Real Estate and Property solutions to users across India. We have a vision to expand globally in the near future. We provide True market valuations in Real Estate, Property valuation, Plant & Machinery valuations, mines valuations, Art valuation, Business valuation, Website Valuations and all other types of valuations are also undertaken Vision: We provide honest and realistic appraisals and provide unbiased view as to the prospects in a property or business for purchase. Whether it is worth buying and what the future prospects are likely to be. This has helped innumerable buyers in both commercial, residential properties as well as in purchase of small and medium businesses like a garment shop to a BPO Company. Our services are highly efficient and are much appreciated by all our clients.

Market Analysis Update

Challenges: Many buyers just jump in and buy, they regret the decision after some time, these types of costly errors can be fixed by paying a nominal fee for our services. We have a success ratio of 95%.
At the same time many sellers just sell at the wrong time. We provide excellent inputs to help them make the right decision for both the buyer or the seller who ever gets in touch with us. Opportunities: The market has a huge potential, as many buy/sell transactions are taking place at all times be it in Real Estate, Businesses, Mergers, Acquisitions or in exit strategies, or even Asset sale of a company moving into a new location. Solutions: Best in market strategies to suit every need

Strategy Analysis Update

General Strategy: Customer Oriented focus, quest for excellence Competition: We have a near monopoly as we have the requisite experience and knowledge in this field. Competitive Advantages: Our brand name and our satisfied clientele are our assets Management Experience: We have a team of Engineers, Appraisers, Valuers, MBA's and field staff Risk Factors: As we have a chequered past and are providing only a service we do not foresee any risks at this point in time. Keys to Success: Critical mass has to be reached in volumes and this will lead to explosive business growth

Entry Year -2 Year -1 Current
Revenue $n/a $n/a $n/a
EBITDA $n/a $n/a $n/a
Cash Flow $n/a $n/a $n/a

Financial Analysis Update

Financial Information: Our yearly turnover is around 5 Crores Current Revenue Sources: Services offered, Real Estate Sales, Commodity trading, Brokerage Future Revenue Sources: Services offered, Real Estate Sales, Commodity trading, Brokerage Milestones Privately owned company, we are comfortable with the current cash position

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