Bloomberg Private Company Analysis

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General Information

Name: Bloomberg
Type: Profit
Phone: 212-318-2000
Email: ten.grebmoolb|grebmoolb#ten.grebmoolb|grebmoolb
Founded: n/a
Employees: 13,000
Stage: Late Stage (mature)
Location: New York City

731 Lexington Avenue

Industry / Market

Financial Data
Business Publications

Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Funding Needs

Funding Need: $0
Type of Financing: Both
Equity for Sale: 0%
Expected ROI:
Use of Funds:
Other Info:

Team Members

Management Teams
Daniel Doctoroff

Investor Teams

Employee Needs

Current: n/a
Interns Needed? Yes
Other Info n/a





No Change

Investment Conclusion

No Change: n/a. Bloomberg needs $0 in funding.

Description Update

Bloomberg provides financial data and business publications on economic, financial, legal, and news through the world. Vision: Bring the world's information to the massive with speed and accuracy.

Market Analysis Update

Challenges: There are several global news outlets that compete directly with Bloomberg. Opportunities: Globalization is increasing the need for news from all over the world, especially financial news. Solutions: Bloomberg best strategy is to stick to financial news and information. They already have a strong market share and brand name.

Strategy Analysis Update

General Strategy: Slowly expand in the financial news and information segment. Competition: Competitors include CNN news/ CNN financial news and Fox news. Competitive Advantages: Bloomberg's financial news market share should allow it to expand it's base of users. Management Experience: Risk Factors: Keys to Success: Focus on Bloomberg's competitive advantages.

Entry Year -2 Year -1 Current
Revenue $n/a $n/a $7B
EBITDA $n/a $n/a $n/a
Cash Flow $n/a $n/a $n/a

Financial Analysis Update

Financial Information: Current Revenue Sources: Advertising and Bloomberg terminal subscriptions. Future Revenue Sources: Milestones

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