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Fountain Head Technologies Private Company Analysis

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General Information

Name: Fountain Head Technologies
Type: Profit
Phone: +91-9403617719, +91-9403617719
Email: ni.oc.thf|ponam#ni.oc.thf|ponam
Founded: 2008
Employees: 15
Stage: Not Available
Location: India

Number 13- Sarju Gopi Building, Plot Number 182, Trimurti

Industry / Market


Size: Judge
Growth Rate: As the internet grows and smart phones grow%
Other Info: What else is required

Funding Needs

Funding Need: $Minimum 3 million
Type of Financing: Equity
Equity for Sale: 0%
Expected ROI: 25%
Use of Funds: Getting low cost Developers and designers.
Other Info: Self till now

Team Members

Management Teams
Benchmark Capital

Investor Teams

Employee Needs

Current: Retention
Interns Needed? Depends on Candidate
Other Info Complete Employment policy in place.





Raise Funds

Investment Conclusion

Raise Funds: We need to move fast a lot of marketing has to be done and for that we require funds. Fountain Head Technologies needs $Minimum 3 million in funding.

Description Update

Innovative thought a new paradigm change on websites Vision: Everyone should have a website make websites all pervasive, as smartphone s are growing.

Market Analysis Update

Challenges: Freelancers Opportunities: Emense CV, RESUME, BIODATA'S, lone profeessionals like doctors, engineers etc., will become individual websites Solutions: Go to market with a total carpet bombing aproach

Strategy Analysis Update

General Strategy: As above Competition: None Competitive Advantages: Design, create and deliver at low cost. Management Experience: 2- million customers in the next 5 years Risk Factors: Enter now or other people will copy the model. Keys to Success: Right now do it total pervasiness on the web even for the Lowest Common Denomintaor

Entry Year -2 Year -1 Current
Revenue $n/a $n/a $n/a
EBITDA $n/a $n/a $n/a
Cash Flow $n/a $n/a $n/a

Financial Analysis Update

Financial Information: minimum 25% returns Current Revenue Sources: None only revenue sorce is the company is doing well on the existing solutions. Future Revenue Sources: A portal where we will sell other services to the clients like advertising, changes on there websites. This is where we are going reverse instead of creating a postal/community we want to create a customer base and when we reach the magical figure and have made then aware of the importance of web we will give more services. Milestones Yes for Marketing require within India around 5 million dollars.

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