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What are Private Ventures? Any private company, start-up, small business, non-profit, etc. that is not publicly traded.

What is a Private Equity Platform? A database of private ventures that anyone can add to and edit.

Why WikiWealth's Platform? Showcase private companies to over 100,000 investors, find talented employees and business partners, and collaborate with analyst to improve business strategies.

Private Venture Index (Sample report)

WikiWealth's Private Equity Platform

Benefits for Investors:

The Issues: Investors want higher returns at lower levels of risk. They also seek new and innovative companies / non-profits to support. The problem is that business broker fees are too high. A service like CapitalIQ could cost thousands per month and not gather enough information to make a good investment assessment. Crowd funding is helping entrepreneurs to raise funds, but the majority of private ventures need better research for their non-profit or for-profit ventures.

Deal origination is one of the most difficult tasks for a private equity investor. This database will help private equity investors to find worth companies so they can save that effort to service their investors and partners.

The Solution: Private equity, venture capital, angel, and institutional investors have free access to WikiWealth's entire library of quality reports. WikiWealth's free database encourages users to present their best ideas to potential investors. WikiWealth's mission is to help ventures to thrive.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs:

The Issues: Due to a difficult economic environment, resources are scarce and expensive. In order to grow, entrepreneurs and small businesses can not rely on traditional fundraising methods. Bank lending is down while private equity investors, venture capitalists and angel investors are so risk adverse that barely 1% of entrepreneurs and small businesses are able to get the money and talent they need to grow.

The Solution: WikiWealth offers the 99% of entrepreneurs, small business owners, innovators, and job creators a platform to present there investment suitability and needs to over 100,000 investors and highly-skilled employees. It takes months to create a traditional business plan read by only a few investors. WikiWealth's platform can create a dynamic executive summary in minutes. Through the private venture platform, entrepreneurs can even collaborate with WikiWealth's analysts to improve their business strategy. WikiWealth helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to thrive.

Benefits for Job Seekers:

The Issues: With high unemployment rates, workers need jobs. Unfortunately, job seekers are not finding the many openings that are already available. Additionally, entrepreneurs need financing to hire talented employees, but how does a small private venture find and accord these employees?

The Solution: WikiWealth helps entrepreneurs find the employees they need by explaining their needs alongside a description of their companies. Potential employees can contact private ventures that best match their job requirements. A solution to raising cash could involve the exchange of equity stakes between employee and employer.

Additional Information

What is Venture Capital? Venture capital is financial capital for early stage companies that often form in high risk and high growth areas of the economy. Venture capitalist will often invest in companies in return for a financial stake. Venture capitalists often invest in numerous start-ups, because such portfolios of investments average a 27% internal rate of return. Only 5% of investments generate returns that exceed 30 times the investors original equity investment, but those few big companies really help to propel returns. Many venture capitalist lost money during the dot com bubble, so their strategies changed to include much safer and established companies. This leaves more room for angel investors.

What are Angel Investors? Angel investors seed new ventures with money. Angels are wealthy individuals who sometimes organize into groups in order to share research and pool their investment capital. They help start companies and new innovations before venture capitalist supply them with money to expand.

What are Social Entrepreneurs? Social entrepreneurs meld the creativity and efficiency of entrepreneurship with a social cause. Whereas a business entrepreneur establishes a business to create profits and returns for shareholders, a social entrepreneur are measured by the amount of social capital they create. WikiWealth's platform also works for social entrepreneurs who need a way to broadcast their ideas and obtain the help of investors and analyst to their social cause.