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General Information

Occupation: Physician Assistant
Industry Classification: Health Care
Short Description:

Earnings Potential

Yearly (ave): $91,000
Hourly (ave): n/a
Expected Growth: n/a
Regional Variations:
Other Details: n/a

Educational Requirements

Common Requirements: n/a
Attainment Statistics: n/a
Top Schools:

Other Details: n/a

Work Requirements

Specific Tasks: n/a
Work Activities: n/a
Tools Needed: n/a
Technology Needed: n/a
Other Details: n/a

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Physician Assistant Profile Update

Description: A physician assistant (PA) usually works under the supervision of a physician. Depending on the PA's specialty, state law and type of medicine their supervising physician practices, they may find themselves doing a wide variety of different tasks such as conducting physical exams, ording lab tests, interpretting lab tests, completing insurance paperwork and educating patients and their families on the diagnosis and required treatment. Earnings Potential: The median physician assistant salary as of January 2013 was $91,000 with the lower 10% earning an average of $71,000 and the upper 10% earning an average of $110,000. Upward Mobility: Educational Requirements: Physician assistants are required to obtain a PA license. Requirements for specific courses completed may depend on specialty and state law.

Physician Assistant Long Term Outlook Update

The demand for physician assistants is expected to grow by 30% by 2015 due in part to the aging baby boom generation.

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Economic Advantages:

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Economic Disadvantages: A career as physician assistant may require that you work evenings and weekends.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Update


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