Farm business manager

Farm business manager Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Occupation: Farm business manager
Industry Classification:
Short Description: General manager of medium size Thoroughbred Nursery

Earnings Potential

Yearly (ave): 250,000
Hourly (ave): n/a
Expected Growth: 2% (cost of living increases)
Regional Variations: n/a
Other Details: n/a

Educational Requirements

Common Requirements: n/a
Attainment Statistics: n/a
Top Schools:

Other Details: n/a

Work Requirements

Specific Tasks: monitor purchase and sale of all thoroughbred assets, watch farm expenses
Work Activities: attendance at sales, races, other industry events
Tools Needed: car, plane, computer, binoculars, satellite TV
Technology Needed: n/a
Other Details: n/a

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Farm business manager Profile Update

Description: Analyze potential bloodstock purchases and help manage all thoroughbred assets Earnings Potential: will start out near maximum for the position but should have chance to participate in some investment opportunities Upward Mobility: starting at the top, no mobility Educational Requirements: College degree

Farm business manager Long Term Outlook Update

very good chance I could retire in the job

Economic Advantages: Good pay with benefits for family, high quality farm operation with good employees

Economic Disadvantages: long hours with considerable travel

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Update

intimate knowledge of thoroughbred industry and all players with particular focus on identifying sound investments in the thoroughbred industry


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