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What is mutual fund research? A fund is a group of investments that serve to increase returns and limit risk for investors. What is the investment potential of your favorite mutual fund? See more?

Click on any link to see a fund (portfolio) analysis investment report. Each research report breaks down the long term and short term potential of a fund investment (ETFs, index, hedge funds, and private equity). Watch tutorial Mutual Fund Ratings Experimental Mode) to see how to experiment with WikiWealth's analysis.

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AADAX - Invesco Growth Allocation A
AADCX - Invesco Growth Allocation C
AAFPX - American Beacon S&P 500 Idx Inv
AAGIX - Ing Core Equity Research A
AAGPX - American Beacon Lg Cap Value Inv
AAIPX - American Beacon Intl Equity Inv
AAMGX - Invesco Moderate Growth Allocation A
ABAGX - Alliancebern Global Value A
ABALX - American Funds American Balanced A
ABASX - Alliancebern Small-Mid Cap Value A
ABBAX - Alliancebern Bss Us Large Cap A
ABIAX - Alliancebern Intl Val A
ABIBX - Alliancebern Intl Val B
ABICX - Alliancebern Intl Val C
ACAAX - Alger Capital Appreciation A
ACDAX - Invesco Capital Development A
ACENX - Invesco Van Kampen Enterprise A
ACFFX - Columbia Acorn International Select Z
ACGGX - American Century Global Gold A
ACGIX - Invesco Van Kampen Growth And Income A
ACGKX - Invesco Van Kampen Growth And Income C
ACIEX - Forward International Equity Instl
ACINX - Columbia Acorn International Z
ACIVX - American Century Equity Index Inv
ACMGX - Invesco Moderate Growth Allocation C
ACMVX - American Century Mid Cap Value Inv
ACPAX - Invesco Van Kampen Capital Growth A
ACREX - Invesco Van Kampen Rel Est Secs A
ACRNX - Columbia Acorn Z
ACSTX - Invesco Van Kampen Comstock A
ACSYX - Invesco Van Kampen Comstock C
ACTWX - Columbia Acorn Select Z
ACVAX - American Century Strat Allc: Agrsv A
ADGAX - Alliancebern Core Opportunities A
ADGBX - Alliancebern Core Opportunities B
ADGCX - Alliancebern Core Opportunities C
ADVDX - Alpine Dynamic Dividend
AEDAX - Invesco European Growth A
AEDCX - Invesco European Growth C
AEICX - Ing Core Equity Research C
AELAX - Ing Index Plus Largecap A
AELCX - Ing Index Plus Largecap C
AEPGX - American Funds Europacific Gr A
AEYIX - American Century Equity Income C
AFDAX - American Century Fundamental Equity A
AFDCX - American Century Fundamental Equity C
AFDIX - American Century Fundamental Equity Inv
AFGGX - Api Efficient Frontier Growth A
AFICX - American Funds Fundamental Invs C
AFJAX - Allianz Nfj International Value A
AFJCX - Allianz Nfj International Value C
AFJDX - Allianz Nfj International Value D
AFVAX - Riversource Partners Fundamental Val A
AGACX - Invesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr C
AGALX - Forward Growth Allocation Investor
AGGAX - Invesco Global Growth A
AGGCX - Invesco Global Growth C
AGGGX - Forward Growth Allocation C
AGGRX - American Century Global Growth A
AGREX - Invesco Global Real Estate A
AGRFX - Alliancebern Growth A
AGTHX - American Funds Growth Fund Of Amer A
AGWCX - Invesco Select Equity C
AGWFX - Invesco Select Equity A
AHSAX - Alger Health Sciences A
AHSBX - Alger Health Sciences B
AHSCX - Alger Health Sciences C
AICCX - American Funds Invmt Co Of Amer C
AIECX - Invesco International Growth C
AIIEX - Invesco International Growth A
AIMOX - Aqr International Momentum L
AIOIX - American Century International Opps Inv
AISCX - Riversource Partners Intl Small Cap A
AIVSX - American Funds Invmt Co Of Amer A
AIZAX - Alliancebern International A
ALFAX - Lord Abbett Alpha Strategy A
ALFCX - Lord Abbett Alpha Strategy C
ALMAX - Alger Smid Cap Growth A
ALSAX - Alger Small Cap Growth A
ALTFX - Alliancebern Global Thematic Gr A
ALVIX - American Century Large Co Val Inv
AMAGX - Amana Trust Growth
AMANX - Amana Trust Income
AMCPX - American Funds Amcap A
AMDEX - Amidex35 Israel
AMECX - American Funds Inc Fund Of Amer A
AMFCX - American Funds American Mutual C
AMGAX - Alger Mid Cap Growth A
AMOAX - Morgan Stanley Focus Growth A
AMPCX - American Funds Amcap C
AMRMX - American Funds American Mutual A
AMSTX - Ameristock
AMVAX - Columbia Mid Cap Value Opportunity A
ANCFX - American Funds Fundamental Investors A
ANEFX - American Funds New Economy A
ANWPX - American Funds New Perspective A
AOGIX - American Century One Choice: Agrsv Inv
APGAX - Alliancebern Large Cap Growth A
APGCX - Alliancebern Large Cap Growth C
APIAX - Columbia Multi-Advisor Intl Value A
APILX - Api Master Allocation L
AQEAX - Columbia Large Core Quantitative A
AQEIX - Lkcm Aquinas Value
ARGFX - Ariel
ARWIX - American Century Livestrong 2025 Inv
ARYIX - American Century Livestrong 2035 Inv
ASQIX - American Century Small Company Inv
ASTAX - American Century Strat Allc: Agrsv C
ASVAX - Columbia Multi-Advisor Small Cap Val A
ASVIX - American Century Small Cap Value Inv
ATASX - Aston/Tamro Small Cap N
ATEBX - Alliancebern Global Thematic Gr B
ATECX - Alliancebern Global Thematic Gr C
ATHAX - American Century Heritage A
ATIAX - Invesco Small Companies A
ATKAX - Invesco Global A
ATWAX - Alliancebern Tx-Mgd Wlth Appr Strat A
ATWBX - Alliancebern Tx-Mgd Wlth Appr Strat B
ATWCX - Alliancebern Tx-Mgd Wlth Appr Strat C
AUERX - Auer Growth
AUIAX - Alliancebern Equity Income A
AUIBX - Alliancebern Equity Income B
AUICX - Alliancebern Equity Income C
AUSAX - Columbia Acorn Usa Z
AVPAX - American Beacon Small Cp Val Inv
AWAAX - Alliancebern Wealth Apprec Strat A
AWABX - Alliancebern Wealth Apprec Strat B
AWACX - Alliancebern Wealth Apprec Strat C
AWPAX - Alliancebern Intl Growth A
AWPBX - Alliancebern Intl Growth B
AWPCX - Alliancebern Intl Growth C
AWSAX - Invesco Global Core Equity A
AWSCX - Invesco Global Core Equity C
AWSHX - American Funds Washington Mutual A
AXBAX - Columbia Port Builder Aggressive A
AXEAX - Columbia European Equity A
AXGAX - Riversource Partners Intl Select Gr A
AXTAX - Columbia Port Builder Total Equity A
BACAX - Blackrock All-Cap Engy & Res Investor A
BACCX - Blackrock All-Cap Engy & Res Investor C
BARAX - Baron Asset Retail
BCSIX - Brown Capital Mgmt Small Co Instl
BEGRX - Mutual Beacon Z
BEQAX - American Century Equity Growth A
BEQGX - American Century Equity Growth Inv
BGEIX - American Century Global Gold Inv
BGRFX - Baron Growth Retail
BGSCX - Blackrock Science & Technology Opp Inv C
BIGRX - American Century Income & Growth Inv
BIOPX - Baron Opportunity Retail
BJGQX - Artio Global Equity A
BKPIX - Profunds Banks Ultrasector Inv
BLPIX - Profunds Bull Inv
BLUEX - Brandywine Blue
BMCAX - Blackrock Mid-Cap Value Equity Inv A
BMEAX - Blackrock Us Opportunities Inv A
BMECX - Blackrock Us Opportunities Inv C
BMFIX - Burnham Financial Industries I
BMGEX - Beck Mack & Oliver Global Equity
BMPIX - Profunds Basic Materials Ultrasector Inv
BNEQX - UBS Us Large Cap Equity A
BNGEX - UBS Global Equity A
BOPAX - BB&T Special Opportunities Equity A
BPTRX - Baron Partners Retail
BRAIX - Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 2
BRLIX - Bridgeway Blue Chip 35 Index
BROAX - Blackrock Global Opportunities Inv A
BROCX - Blackrock Global Opportunities Inv C
BRSIX - Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market
BRWIX - Brandywine
BSCFX - Baron Small Cap Retail
BTIEX - Dws Equity 500 Index S
BUFIX - Buffalo International
BUFMX - Buffalo Mid Cap
BUFSX - Buffalo Small Cap
BUFTX - Buffalo Science & Technology
BULIX - American Century Utilities Inv
BURCX - Burnham Financial Industries C
BURFX - Burnham Financial Industries A
BURHX - Burnham A
BURKX - Burnham Financial Services A
CAAPX - Ariel Appreciation
CABDX - Alliancebern Growth & Income A
CAIBX - American Funds Capital Inc Bldr A
CAMIX - Cambiar International Equity Inv
CAMOX - Cambiar Opportunity Inv
CBEAX - Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Lg Cap Val A
CDGIX - Crawford Dividend Growth I
CFFAX - Credit Suisse Large Cap Blend A
CFIMX - Clipper
CFIPX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Global Eq A
CFVIX - Ridgeworth Large Cap Core Equity A
CGAEX - Calvert Global Alternative Energy A
CGRWX - Oppenheimer Value A
CGUAX - Columbia World Equity A
CHCGX - Chesapeake Core Growth
CHCLX - Alliancebern S/M Cap Growth A
CHDVX - Cullen High Dividend Equity I
CHTCX - Invesco Charter C
CHTRX - Invesco Charter A
CHTTX - Aston/Optimum Mid Cap N
CHUSX - Alger China Us Growth A
CIBCX - American Funds Capital Inc Bldr C
CIGCX - Calamos International Growth C
CIGRX - Calamos International Growth A
CIHDX - Cullen International High Dividend Retl
CIHIX - Cullen International High Dividend I
CIPSX - Champlain Small Company Adv
CISAX - Columbia International Stock A
CIVVX - Causeway International Value Inv
CLGAX - Calvert Large Cap Growth A
CLSAX - Advisorone Amerigo N
CLSPX - Columbia Mid Cap Growth Z
CLVFX - Croft Value
CMAFX - Cm Advisors
CMIFX - Calvert Social Investment Enhanced Eq A
CMNCX - Principal Capital Appreciation C
CMNWX - Principal Capital Appreciation A
CMSCX - Columbia Small Cap Growth I Z
CMUAX - Columbia Mid Cap Value A
CNGLX - Commonwealth Global
CPABX - Federated Capital Appreciation B
CPACX - Federated Capital Appreciation C
CPOAX - Morgan Stanley Cap Opportunities A
CREEX - Columbia Real Estate Equity Z
CRMGX - Crm Large Cap Opportunity Inv
CRMMX - Crm Mid Cap Value Inv
CRVAX - Ridgeworth Large Cap Core Equity I
CSCZX - Columbia Small Cap Value I Z
CSEIX - Cohen & Steers Realty Income A
CSGEX - Blackrock Small Cap Growth Equity Inv A
CSIEX - Calvert Social Investment Equity A
CSIIX - Csi Equity Inv
CSKCX - Columbia International Stock C
CSMIX - Columbia Small Cap Value I A
CSRSX - Cohen & Steers Realty Shares
CSTGX - Invesco Constellation A
CSUAX - Cohen & Steers Global Infrastructure A
CSUCX - Cohen & Steers Global Infrastructure C
CSVFX - Columbia Strategic Investor Z
CSWCX - Credit Suisse Large Cap Blend Ii Comm
CTHCX - Columbia Technology C
CVAAX - Calamos Value A
CVCFX - Pioneer Cullen Value C
CVFCX - Pioneer Cullen Value A
CVGCX - Calamos Growth C
CVGRX - Calamos Growth A
CVIBX - Ridgeworth Large Cap Core Equity C
CVLOX - Calamos Global Growth & Income A
CVTCX - Calamos Growth & Income C
CVTRX - Calamos Growth & Income A
CWGCX - American Funds Capital World G/I C
CWGIX - American Funds Capital World G/I A
CWVGX - Calvert World Values International Eq A
DABAX - Delaware Global Value A
DAGVX - Dreyfus Strategic Value A
DBIVX - Dws Diversified Intl Eq S
DCVIX - Dreyfus Core Value A
DDSTX - Dreyfus Disciplined Stock
DEFIX - The Delafield Fund
DEGCX - Delaware Intl Value Equity C
DEGIX - Delaware Intl Value Equity A
DELDX - Delaware Large Cap Value A
DEVLX - Delaware Small Cap Value A
DFCIX - Delaware Smid Cap Growth A
DFIBX - Davis Financial B
DGAGX - Dreyfus Appreciation
DGFAX - Davis Global A
DGFCX - Davis Global C
DGHCX - Allianz Rcm Wellness D
DGRAX - Morgan Stanley Mid Cap Growth A
DGRIX - Dreyfus Growth & Income
DGSNX - Allianz Rcm Global Small-Cap D
DHLAX - Diamond Hill Large Cap A
DHSCX - Diamond Hill Small Cap A
DIEAX - Dreyfus International Eq A
DISSX - Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index
DIVAX - Invesco Dividend Growth Secs A
DIVCX - Invesco Dividend Growth Secs C
DLTSX - Dreyfus Core Equity A
DMCVX - Dreyfus Midcap Value A
DNLDX - Dreyfus Active Midcap A
DNVAX - Dws Dreman International Value A
DNVSX - Dws Dreman International Value S
DODBX - Dodge & Cox Balanced
DODFX - Dodge & Cox International Stock
DODGX - Dodge & Cox Stock
DODWX - Dodge & Cox Global Stock
DOMIX - Domini International Social Equity Inv
DPECX - Dreyfus Core Equity C
DPTAX - Dreyfus Tax-Managed Growth C
DREVX - Dreyfus
DRGGX - Driehaus Global Growth
DRIDX - Driehaus International Discovery
DSCVX - Dreyfus Opportunistic Small Cap
DSEFX - Domini Social Equity Inv
DSPIX - Dreyfus Basic S&P 500 Stock Index
DTGCX - Dreyfus Technology Growth C
DTGRX - Dreyfus Technology Growth A
DTMGX - Dreyfus Tax-Managed Growth A
DVEAX - Delaware Select Growth A
DVFAX - Cohen & Steers Dividend Value A
DVLAX - Dreyfus International Value A
EADIX - Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div Inc A
EAEAX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Eq Asset Allc A
EAGLX - Wells Fargo Advantage Discp Glb Eq A
EATVX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Value A
EBDIX - Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div Inc B
EBEAX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Eq Asset Allc B
EBERX - Putnam Global Natural Resources A
ECDIX - Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div Inc C
ECEAX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Eq Asset Allc C
ECHSX - Eaton Vance Worldwide Health Sci C
ECIGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Intl Equity C
ECSTX - Eaton Vance Large-Cap Value C
ECTGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.1 C
ECTMX - Eaton Vance Dividend Builder C
EDIAX - Eaton Vance Global Dividend Income A
EGINX - Invesco European Growth Investor
EGLRX - Alpine International Real Estate
EHABX - Wells Fargo Advantage Health Care A
EHCCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Health Care C
EHSTX - Eaton Vance Large-Cap Value A
EIDIX - Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div Inc I
EIERX - Eaton Vance Lg Cap Core Research I
EIHSX - Eaton Vance Worldwide Health Sci I
EIIEX - Eaton Vance Intl Equity I
EILVX - Eaton Vance Large-Cap Value I
EISMX - Eaton Vance Atlanta Capital Smid-Cap I
EITGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.2 I
EITVX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Value I
EIUTX - Eaton Vance Dividend Builder I
EIVAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Value A
EIVCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Value C
EKBAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Divers Cptl Bldr A
EKBCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Divers Cptl Bldr C
EKGAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opps A
EKJAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Prem Lg Co Gr A
EKOAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Omega Growth A
EKWAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Precious Metals A
EKWCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Precious Metals C
ELGAX - Columbia Select Large Cap Growth A
EMGAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Emerg Mkts Eq A
EMGCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Emerg Mkts Eq C
EMHSX - Eaton Vance Worldwide Health Sci B
EMIEX - Columbia International Value Z
EMTGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.1 B
EMTMX - Eaton Vance Dividend Builder B
ENPIX - Profunds Ultrasector Oil & Gas Investor
EPGAX - Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth A
EPIVX - Europac International Value A
ESMAX - Invesco European Small Company A
ESMCX - Invesco European Small Company C
ESPAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Spec Smcp Val A
ETHSX - Eaton Vance Worldwide Health Sci A
ETRAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Classic Value A
ETTGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.1 A
EUGAX - Morgan Stanley European Equity A
EUGBX - Morgan Stanley European Equity B
EUROX - U.S. Global Investors Eastern European
EVGIX - Evermore Global Value I
EVRAX - Columbia Value & Restructuring A
EVSAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Discp Us Core A
EVTMX - Eaton Vance Dividend Builder A
EVUAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom A
EVUCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom C
EWEAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Intrns Wld Eq A
EXEYX - Manning & Napier Equity
EXHAX - Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Max Term S
EXTAX - Manning & Napier Tax Managed A
EXTGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.2 A
EYTGX - Eaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.2 B
FACDX - Fidelity Advisor Health Care A
FACNX - Fidelity Advisor Canada A
FACTX - Fidelity Advisor Health Care T
FADAX - Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth A
FADCX - Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl C
FADIX - Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl T
FADTX - Fidelity Advisor Technology A
FAEAX - Fidelity Advisor Europe Cap Apprec A
FAEGX - Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth T
FAEIX - First American Equity Index A
FAFCX - Fidelity Advisor Financial Services C
FAFDX - Fidelity Advisor Financial Services A
FAFEX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 A
FAFFX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 A
FAFSX - Fidelity Advisor Financial Services T
FAGAX - Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities A
FAGNX - Fidelity Advisor Energy T
FAGOX - Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities T
FAIAX - First American International A
FAIRX - Fairholme
FAMKX - Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets A
FAMRX - Fidelity Asset Manager 85%
FAMVX - Fam Value Inv
FANAX - Fidelity Advisor Energy A
FARAX - Fidelity Advisor Stk Sel All Cap A
FASDX - Fidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc A
FASPX - Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies T
FATHX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 A
FATWX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 A
FAUFX - Fidelity Advisor Utilities T
FAVAX - Fidelity Advisor Equity Value A
FAVCX - Fidelity Advisor Equity Value C
FAVTX - Fidelity Advisor Equity Value T
FBCVX - Fidelity Blue Chip Value
FBDIX - Franklin Biotechnology Discovery A
FBGRX - Fidelity Blue Chip Growth
FBIOX - Fidelity Select Biotechnology
FBMPX - Fidelity Select Multimedia
FBRFX - Fbr Large Cap Financial Investor
FBRPX - Fbr Large Cap Investor
FBRSX - Fbr Small Cap Financial Investor
FBRVX - Fbr Focus Investor
FBTAX - Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology A
FBTCX - Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology C
FBTTX - Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology T
FCADX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Discovery C
FCECX - Fidelity Advisor Consumer Discret C
FCFSX - Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies C
FCIIX - Franklin Flex Cap Growth C
FCLAX - Fidelity Advisor Industrials A
FCLCX - Fidelity Advisor Industrials C
FCLTX - Fidelity Advisor Industrials T
FCNAX - Fidelity Advisor Consumer Discret A
FCNTX - Fidelity Contrafund
FCPAX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Capital App A
FCPCX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Capital App C
FCPGX - Fidelity Small Cap Growth
FCPVX - Fidelity Small Cap Value
FCSDX - Fidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc C
FCYIX - Fidelity Select Industrials
FDAGX - Fidelity Advisor Consumer Staples A
FDCAX - Fidelity Capital Appreciation
FDCGX - Fidelity Advisor Consumer Staples C
FDCPX - Fidelity Select Computers
FDEGX - Fidelity Growth Strategies
FDEQX - Fidelity Disciplined Equity
FDFAX - Fidelity Select Consumer Staples
FDFFX - Fidelity Independence
FDGCX - Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth C
FDGFX - Fidelity Dividend Growth
FDGRX - Fidelity Growth Company
FDGTX - Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth T
FDIVX - Fidelity Diversified International
FDLSX - Fidelity Select Leisure
FDSAX - Sunamerica Focused Dividend Strategy A
FDSCX - Fidelity Stock Selector Sm Cp
FDSSX - Fidelity Stock Selector All Cap
FDSVX - Fidelity Growth Discovery
FDTEX - Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock T
FDTGX - Fidelity Advisor Consumer Staples T
FDVAX - Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl A
FDVLX - Fidelity Value
FEAFX - First Eagle Fund Of America Y
FECAX - Fidelity Europe Capital Appreciation
FEDEX - Federated Capital Appreciation A
FEFAX - First Eagle Fund Of America A
FEGIX - First Eagle Gold I
FEGOX - First Eagle Gold C
FEIRX - Fidelity Advisor Equity Income T
FEMKX - Fidelity Emerging Markets
FEQIX - Fidelity Equity-Income
FEQTX - Fidelity Equity-Income Ii
FESOX - First Eagle Overseas C
FEVAX - First Eagle Us Value A
FEVCX - First Eagle Us Value C
FEXPX - Fidelity Export & Multinational
FEYAX - Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% A
FEYCX - Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% C
FFACX - Franklin Templeton Founding Allc C
FFALX - Franklin Templeton Founding Allc A
FFFFX - Fidelity Freedom 2040
FFFHX - Fidelity Freedom 2050
FFIDX - Fidelity
FFLAX - Forward Large Cap Equity A
FFTHX - Fidelity Freedom 2035
FFTYX - Fidelity Fifty
FGDAX - Fidelity Advisor Gold A
FGDCX - Fidelity Advisor Gold C
FGDTX - Fidelity Advisor Gold T
FGEAX - Fidelity Advisor Global Capital Apprec A
FGFAX - Federated International Leaders A
FGFBX - Federated International Leaders B
FGIAX - First American Global Infrastructure A
FGINX - First Investors Growth & Income A
FGIRX - Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income A
FGLDX - Invesco Gold & Precious Metals Invstor
FGRIX - Fidelity Growth & Income
FGRTX - Fidelity Mega Cap Stock
FGRWX - Hartford Growth Opportunities L
FGTIX - Franklin Templeton Growth Allocation A
FHCCX - Fidelity Advisor Health Care C
FIASX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap A
FIATX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Capital App T
FIBCX - First Investors Blue Chip A
FICDX - Fidelity Canada
FICSX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap C
FIDAX - Jhancock Financial Industries A
FIDBX - Jhancock Financial Industries B
FIDCX - Jhancock Financial Industries C
FIDSX - Fidelity Select Financial Services
FIDYX - Invesco Dynamics Inv
FIEUX - Fidelity Europe
FIGRX - Fidelity International Discovery
FIIAX - Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap Ii A
FIICX - Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap Ii C
FIISX - First Investors Global A
FINAX - Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth A
FINEX - Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies A
FINSX - Fidelity Advisor New Insights I
FIREX - Fidelity International Real Estate
FISEX - Franklin Equity Income A
FISMX - Fidelity International Small Cap
FISSX - First Investors Special Situations A
FITIX - Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap Ii T
FIUIX - Fidelity Telecom And Utilities
FIUSX - First Investors Opportunity A
FIVFX - Fidelity International Capital Apprec
FIVLX - Fidelity International Value
FJPNX - Fidelity Japan
FJSCX - Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies
FKASX - Federated Kaufmann Small Cap A
FKCGX - Franklin Flex Cap Growth A
FKCSX - Federated Kaufmann Small Cap C
FKDNX - Franklin Dynatech A
FKGRX - Franklin Growth A
FKRCX - Franklin Gold And Precious Metals A
FKUTX - Franklin Utilities A
FLATX - Fidelity Latin America
FLCSX - Fidelity Large Cap Stock
FLISX - Invesco Leisure Investor
FLPSX - Fidelity Low-Priced Stock
FLRUX - Flex-Funds Total Return Utilities
FLSAX - Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk A
FLSCX - Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk C
FLSTX - Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk T
FLVCX - Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock
FMAGX - Fidelity Magellan
FMCDX - Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap A
FMCSX - Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock
FMDCX - Federated Mid-Cap Index Instl Svc
FMIEX - Wasatch-1St Source Income Equity
FMIHX - Fmi Large Cap
FMILX - Fidelity New Millennium
FMIMX - Fmi Common Stock
FMIOX - Fmi Focus
FMIVX - Virtus Mid-Cap Value A
FNARX - Fidelity Select Natural Resources
FNCMX - Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index
FNIAX - Fidelity Advisor New Insights A
FNICX - Fidelity Advisor New Insights C
FNITX - Fidelity Advisor New Insights T
FNORX - Fidelity Nordic
FNRCX - Fidelity Advisor Energy C
FOOLX - Motley Fool Independence Fund
FOPAX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opp A
FOPTX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opp T
FPHAX - Fidelity Select Pharmaceuticals
FPPFX - Fpa Perennial
FPPTX - Fpa Capital
FPRAX - Fpa Paramount
FPURX - Fidelity Puritan
FRBAX - Jhancock Regional Bank A
FRBCX - Jhancock Regional Bank C
FRBFX - Jhancock Regional Bank B
FRBSX - Franklin Balance Sheet Investment A
FRDPX - Franklin Rising Dividends A
FRDTX - Franklin Rising Dividends C
FREAX - First American Real Estate Secs A
FRESX - Fidelity Real Estate Investment
FRGOX - Franklin Gold And Precious Metals C
FRGSX - Franklin Growth C
FRIFX - Fidelity Real Estate Income
FRMCX - Franklin Microcap Value A
FRNRX - Franklin Natural Resources A
FRSGX - Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth A
FRSIX - Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth C
FRSLX - First American Mid Cap Growth Opp A
FRUSX - Franklin Utilities C
FRVLX - Franklin Small Cap Value A
FSAGX - Fidelity Select Gold
FSAIX - Fidelity Select Air Transportation
FSCDX - Fidelity Advisor Small Cap A
FSCEX - Fidelity Advisor Small Cap C
FSCGX - Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment
FSCHX - Fidelity Select Chemicals
FSCOX - Fidelity International Small Cap Opp
FSCPX - Fidelity Select Consumer Discretionary
FSCRX - Fidelity Small Cap Discovery
FSCSX - Fidelity Select Software & Comp
FSCTX - Fidelity Advisor Small Cap T
FSDAX - Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace
FSDCX - Fidelity Select Communications Equip
FSDIX - Fidelity Strategic Dividend & Income
FSDPX - Fidelity Select Materials
FSELX - Fidelity Select Electronics
FSEMX - Fidelity Spartan Extended Mkt Index Inv
FSENX - Fidelity Select Energy
FSESX - Fidelity Select Energy Service
FSFSX - Invesco Financial Services Investor
FSGRX - Franklin Small Cap Growth A
FSHCX - Fidelity Select Medical Delivery
FSIEX - Fifth Third International Eq A
FSIIX - Fidelity Spartan International Index Inv
FSLBX - Fidelity Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt
FSLCX - Fidelity Small Cap Stock
FSLSX - Fidelity Value Strategies
FSLVX - Fidelity Large Cap Value
FSMEX - Fidelity Select Medical Equip & Systems
FSMGX - Fidelity Mid Cap Growth
FSMVX - Fidelity Mid Cap Value
FSNGX - Fidelity Select Natural Gas
FSOAX - Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies A
FSPCX - Fidelity Select Insurance
FSPHX - Fidelity Select Health Care
FSPTX - Fidelity Select Technology
FSRBX - Fidelity Select Banking
FSRFX - Fidelity Select Transportation
FSRPX - Fidelity Select Retailing
FSTCX - Fidelity Select Telecommunications
FSTEX - Invesco Energy Inv
FSTKX - Federated Mdt Stock Instl Svc
FSTUX - Invesco Utilities Investor
FSTVX - Fidelity Spartan Total Mkt Idx Advtg
FSUTX - Fidelity Select Utilities Portfolio
FSVLX - Fidelity Consumer Finance
FTADX - Fidelity Advisor Intl Discovery T
FTCHX - Invesco Technology Investor
FTCOX - Franklin Templeton Corefolio Allc A
FTFEX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 T
FTFFX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 T
FTGTX - Franklin Templeton Growth Allocation C
FTHCX - Fidelity Advisor Technology C
FTRNX - Fidelity Trend
FTSDX - Fidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc T
FTTWX - Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 T
FUGAX - Fidelity Advisor Utilities A
FUGCX - Fidelity Advisor Utilities C
FUNDX - Fundx Upgrader
FUSEX - Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Inv
FUSVX - Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Advtg
FVDFX - Fidelity Value Discovery
FWRLX - Fidelity Select Wireless
FWWFX - Fidelity Worldwide
GABAX - Gabelli Asset Aaa
GABBX - Gabelli Blue Chip Value Aaa
GABEX - Gabelli Equity Income Aaa
GABGX - Gamco Growth Aaa
GABOX - Gamco Global Opportunity Aaa
GABSX - Gabelli Small Cap Growth Aaa
GABTX - Gamco Global Telecommunications Aaa
GABUX - Gabelli Utilities Aaa
GABVX - Gabelli Value A
GADCX - Invesco Global Advantage C
GAGEX - Guinness Atkinson Global Energy
GASFX - Fbr Gas Utility Index Investor
GATAX - Gabelli Asset A
GATCX - Gabelli Asset C
GAUAX - Gabelli Utilities A
GAUCX - Gabelli Utilities C
GAXCX - Goldman Sachs Equity Growth Strategy C
GCEQX - Green Century Equity
GCIAX - Goldman Sachs Structured Intl Equity A
GCMAX - Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value A
GEGEX - GE Global Equity A
GEGTX - Columbia Large Cap Growth Z
GEICX - GE International Equity A
GFACX - American Funds Growth Fund Of Amer C
GGHCX - Invesco Global Health Care A
GGOAX - Goldman Sachs Growth Opportunities A
GHAAX - Van Eck Global Hard Assets A
GHACX - Van Eck Global Hard Assets C
GICPX - Gamco Global Growth Aaa
GIDAX - Goldman Sachs Intl Eq Div & Prem A
GIGAX - Aberdeen Intl Equity A
GIGCX - Aberdeen Intl Equity C
GIGRX - Gamco International Growth Aaa
GILAX - Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity C
GISAX - Goldman Sachs Intl Small Cap A
GITAX - Goldman Sachs Technology Tollkeeper A
GITCX - Goldman Sachs Technology Tollkeeper C
GLBAX - Invesco Global Div Gr Secs A
GLDAX - Gamco Gold A
GLDCX - Gamco Gold C
GLLAX - Aberdeen Global Equity A
GNDCX - Invesco Global Equity C
GOLDX - Gamco Gold Aaa
GPAFX - Rs Large Cap Alpha A
GROAX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Dividend Strat A
GSCGX - Goldman Sachs Capital Growth A
GSFTX - Columbia Dividend Income Z
GSGRX - Goldman Sachs Growth And Inc A
GSPIX - Goldman Sachs Capital Growth Instl
GSSMX - Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value A
GSUSX - Goldman Sachs Structured Us Equity C
GTACX - Invesco Mid Cap Core Equity C
GTAGX - Invesco Mid Cap Core Equity A
GTHCX - Invesco Global Health Care C
GTHIX - Invesco Global Health Care Invstor
GTNDX - Invesco Global Equity A
GTSAX - Invesco Small Cap Growth A
GTSIX - Invesco Small Cap Growth Inv
GTVCX - Invesco Basic Value C
GTVLX - Invesco Basic Value A
GUBGX - Rs International Growth A
GUPBX - Rs Large Cap Alpha B
GUSPX - Rs S&P 500 Index A
GWGFX - Generation Wave Growth
HACAX - Harbor Capital Appreciation Instl
HAIAX - Hartford Disciplined Equity A
HAIGX - Harbor International Growth Instl
HAINX - Harbor International Instl
HALAX - Hartford Global Growth A
HAMGX - Harbor Mid Cap Growth Instl
HASCX - Harbor Small Cap Value Instl
HASGX - Harbor Small Cap Growth Instl
HAVGX - Haverford Quality Growth Stock
HAVLX - Harbor Large Cap Value Instl
HCACX - Hartford Capital Appreciation C
HCAIX - Harbor Capital Appreciation Inv
HCMTX - Hillman Advantage Equity
HCRAX - Invesco Health Sciences A
HCTAX - Hartford Capital Appreciation Ii A
HDGCX - Hartford Dividend & Growth C
HDPMX - Hodges
HEQFX - Henssler Equity
HFCCX - Hartford Capital Appreciation Ii C
HFCGX - Hennessy Cornerstone Growth
HFEAX - Henderson European Focus A
HFECX - Henderson European Focus C
HFGCX - Henderson Global Technology C
HFJAX - Henderson Japan-Asia Focus A
HFLGX - Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth Orig
HFOAX - Henderson Intl Opportunities A
HFQAX - Henderson Global Equity Income A
HFQCX - Henderson Global Equity Income C
HGHAX - Hartford Global Health A
HGHCX - Hartford Global Health C
HGICX - Hartford Disciplined Equity C
HGLCX - Hartford Global Growth C
HGRZX - Virtus Core Equity A
HGWAX - Hartford Growth A
HHDAX - Hancock Horizon Diversified Intl A
HIEAX - Huntington International Equity A
HIGCX - Eagle Growth & Income C
HIIGX - Harbor International Growth Inv
HIOCX - Hartford Intl Opportunities C
HLEAX - Hartford Global Research A
HLEIX - JPMorgan Equity Index Select
HLGEX - JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth Sel
HLMGX - Harding Loevner Global Equity Advisor
HLMIX - Harding Loevner International Eq Instl
HLQVX - JPMorgan Large Cap Value Select
HMCAX - Eagle Mid Cap Stock A
HMCCX - Eagle Mid Cap Stock C
HMDCX - Hartford Midcap C
HMTPX - Huntington Macro 100 Trust
HNCAX - Hartford Intl Growth A
HNSAX - Hartford Intl Small Company A
HQIAX - Hartford Equity Income A
HRAAX - Hartford Growth Allocation A
HRACX - Hartford Growth Allocation C
HRCAX - Harbor Capital Appreciation Adm
HRCPX - Eagle Capital Appreciation A
HRCVX - Eagle Growth & Income A
HRINX - Harbor International Adm
HRITX - Huntington Rotating Markets Trust
HRMGX - Harbor Mid Cap Growth Adm
HRSVX - Heartland Select Value
HRTVX - Heartland Value
HRVIX - Heartland Value Plus
HSIEX - Hussman Strategic International Eq
HSSAX - Forward Banking And Finance A
HSSCX - Forward Banking And Finance C
HWCIX - Hotchkis And Wiley Diversified Value I
HWLAX - Hotchkis And Wiley Large Cap Value A
HWLIX - Hotchkis And Wiley Large Cap Value I
HWMAX - Hotchkis And Wiley Mid-Cap Value A
HWMIX - Hotchkis And Wiley Mid-Cap Value I
IAAAX - Transamerica Asset Allc Growth A
IAALX - Transamerica Asset Allc Growth C
IARAX - Invesco Real Estate A
IAUTX - Invesco Utilities A
IBVAX - Invesco Intl Core Equity A
IBVCX - Invesco Intl Core Equity C
ICAEX - Mainstay Icap Equity I
ICCCX - Icon Consumer Discretionary S
ICDAX - Ivy Cundill Global Value A
ICDCX - Ivy Cundill Global Value C
ICENX - Icon Energy S
ICEUX - Mainstay Icap International I
ICEVX - Mainstay Icap International A
ICFSX - Icon Financial
ICGEX - Ing Global Equity Dividend C
ICHCX - Icon Healthcare S
ICLEX - Icon Leisure & Consumer Staples
ICMAX - Intrepid Small Cap
ICNEX - Icon International Equity Z
ICNIX - Icon Core Equity I
ICRDX - Dividend Growth Trust Rising Div Gr A
ICSCX - Icm Small Company
ICSEX - Icon Europe S
ICSLX - Mainstay Icap Select Equity I
ICSRX - Mainstay Icap Select Equity A
ICTRX - Icon Industrials S
ICTUX - Icon Telecommunications & Utilities S
IEFCX - Invesco Energy C
IEGAX - Invesco International Small Company A
IEGCX - Invesco International Small Company C
IENAX - Invesco Energy A
IEOAX - Ivy European Opportunities A
IEOCX - Ivy European Opportunities C
IEVAX - Columbia Equity Value A
IEYAX - Ivy Energy A
IEYCX - Ivy Energy C
IFSAX - Invesco Financial Services A
IFSCX - Invesco Financial Services C
IGAAX - American Funds Intl Gr And Inc A
IGDAX - Invesco Gold & Precious Metals A
IGDCX - Invesco Gold & Precious Metals C
IGLAX - Ing Global Real Estate A
IGLGX - Columbia Global Equity A
IGNAX - Ivy Global Natural Resources A
IGNCX - Ivy Global Natural Resources C
IGRWX - Oppenheimer International Growth B
IHGIX - Hartford Dividend & Growth A
IHSAX - Hartford Small Company A
IIBCX - Invesco Intl Core Equity Investor
IIFBX - Ivy International Core Equity B
IIRAX - Ing International Real Estate A
IIVAX - Transamerica Small/Mid Cp Val A
ILSAX - Invesco Leisure A
IMLAX - Transamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr A
IMLLX - Transamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr C
IMRFX - Columbia Strategic Allocation A
INDZX - Columbia Diversified Equity Income A
INIFX - Threadneedle Intl Opportunity A
INIVX - Van Eck Intl Investors Gold A
INLAX - Morgan Stanley International A
INLBX - Morgan Stanley International B
INLCX - Morgan Stanley International C
INPIX - Profunds Internet Ultrasector Inv
INPMX - Riversource Precious Metals & Mining A
INUTX - Columbia Dividend Opportunity A
INVPX - Columbia Mid Cap Growth Opportunity A
IOCIX - Icon Risk-Managed Equity I
IRFAX - Cohen & Steers International Realty A
IRSAX - Ivy Real Estate Securities A
ISCAX - Federated International Small-Mid Co A
ISCBX - Federated International Small-Mid Co B
ISCCX - Federated International Small-Mid Co C
ISIAX - Riversource Small Company Index A
ITHAX - Hartford Capital Appreciation A
ITHCX - Invesco Technology C
ITQAX - Transamerica Wmc Diversified Gr A
ITVAX - GE Core Value Equity A
IUTCX - Invesco Utilities C
IVDAX - Ivy Dividend Opportunities A
IVINX - Ivy International Growth A
IVLCX - Invesco Leisure C
IVNCX - Ivy International Growth C
IVQAX - Morgan Stanley Intl Value Equity A
IVQBX - Morgan Stanley Intl Value Equity B
IVQCX - Morgan Stanley Intl Value Equity C
IYSAX - Ivy Small Cap Value A
JAEIX - Janus Research Core T
JAENX - Janus Enterprise T
JAGIX - Janus Growth & Income T
JAGLX - Janus Global Life Sciences T
JAGTX - Janus Global Technology T
JALGX - Jhancock2 Lifestyle Growth A
JAMCX - JPMorgan Mid Cap Value A
JAMFX - Jacob Internet
JAMRX - Janus Research T
JANSX - Janus T
JAOSX - Janus Overseas T
JARFX - Janus Global Research T
JATTX - Janus Triton T
JAVLX - Janus Twenty T
JAVTX - Janus Venture T
JAWWX - Janus Worldwide T
JCLGX - Jhancock2 Lifestyle Growth C
JCMVX - JPMorgan Mid Cap Value C
JENSX - Jensen J
JFEAX - JPMorgan International Val A
JFESX - JPMorgan Intrepid European Sel
JFTAX - JPMorgan Intrepid International A
JGASX - JPMorgan Growth Advantage Sel
JGPAX - Jhancock Global Opportunities A
JGPBX - Jhancock Global Opportunities B
JGPCX - Jhancock Global Opportunities C
JGVAX - Perkins Global Value T
JGYAX - Jhancock3 Global Shareholder Yield A
JHLVX - Jhancock Large Cap Equity C
JIAAX - JPMorgan Intrepid America A
JIACX - JPMorgan Intrepid America C
JIECX - JPMorgan International Eq C
JIESX - JPMorgan International Val S
JILSX - JPMorgan Us Dynamic Plus Sel
JIOAX - JPMorgan Intl Opp A
JIOSX - JPMorgan Intl Opp Sel
JISIX - JPMorgan Intrepid International Select
JIUCX - JPMorgan International Val C
JLCAX - JPMorgan Us Large Cap Core Plus A
JLPCX - JPMorgan Us Large Cap Core Plus C
JLPSX - JPMorgan Us Large Cap Core Plus Select
JMCVX - Perkins Mid Cap Value T
JMVSX - JPMorgan Mid Cap Value Sel
JORNX - Janus Global Select T
JPGSX - JPMorgan Intrepid Gr Sel
JPIAX - JPMorgan Intrepid America Sel
JPIVX - JPMorgan Intrepid Value Select
JPSAX - JPMorgan Us Dynamic Plus A
JPTAX - JPMorgan Tax Aware Us Equity Sel
JRMSX - Intech Risk-Managed Core T
JRUAX - JPMorgan Russia A
JSCVX - Perkins Small Cap Value T
JSEAX - JPMorgan International Eq A
JSMSX - JPMorgan Smartretirement 2030 Select
JSVAX - Janus Contrarian T
JTCAX - Jhancock2 Technical Opportunities A
JUEAX - JPMorgan Us Equity A
JUECX - JPMorgan Us Equity C
JUESX - JPMorgan Us Equity Sel
JVIAX - Virtus Foreign Opportunities A
JVLAX - Jhancock3 Disciplined Value A
KAUAX - Federated Kaufmann A
KAUBX - Federated Kaufmann B
KAUFX - Federated Kaufmann K
KBCAX - Dws Blue Chip A
KBCCX - Dws Blue Chip C
KDCAX - Dws Large Cap Value A
KDCSX - Dws Large Cap Value S
KDHAX - Dws Strategic Value A
KDHCX - Dws Strategic Value C
KDSAX - Dws Dreman Small Cap Value A
KDSSX - Dws Dreman Small Cap Value S
KGDAX - Dws Global Small Cap Growth A
KGIAX - Forward Global Infrastructure A
KGICX - Forward Global Infrastructure C
KMKAX - Kinetics Market Opportunities Adv A
KNIDX - Fifth Third Equity Index A
KNPAX - Kinetics Paradigm Adv A
KNPCX - Kinetics Paradigm Adv C
KSCIX - Keeley Small Cap Value I
KSCOX - Kinetics Small Cap Opportunities No Load
KSCVX - Keeley Small Cap Value A
KSOAX - Kinetics Small Cap Opportunities Adv A
KTCAX - Dws Technology A
LACAX - Columbia Acorn A
LAFCX - Lord Abbett Affiliated C
LAFFX - Lord Abbett Affiliated A
LAGCX - Lord Abbett Global Allocation C
LAGWX - Lord Abbett Developing Growth A
LAIAX - Columbia Acorn International A
LAICX - Columbia Acorn International C
LAIEX - Lord Abbett International Opp A
LAVLX - Lord Abbett Mid-Cap Value A
LBSAX - Columbia Dividend Income A
LCBAX - Invesco Large Cap Basic Value A
LCCAX - Columbia Contrarian Core A
LCCCX - Columbia Contrarian Core C
LCEAX - Invesco Diversified Dividend A
LCEIX - Invesco Diversified Dividend Investor
LCGAX - Invesco Large Cap Growth A
LCGIX - Invesco Large Cap Growth Investor
LCINX - Invesco Large Cap Basic Value Investor
LDFVX - Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity A
LEIFX - Federated Equity-Income A
LETRX - Ing Russia A
LEXCX - Ing Corporate Leaders Trust Series B
LFFCX - Columbia Acorn International Select C
LGAAX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt American Ldg Co A
LGAMX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt American Ldg Co I
LGCIX - Leuthold Global Clean Tech Instl
LGCTX - Leuthold Global Clean Tech Retail
LGFEX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Intl Eq Fi
LGIEX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Intl Eq I
LGVAX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Value A
LIACX - Columbia Acorn C
LINCX - Lord Abbett International Opp C
LKEQX - Lkcm Equity Instl
LKINX - Lkcm International
LKSCX - Lkcm Small Cap Equity Instl
LLPFX - Longleaf Partners
LLRCX - Lord Abbett Classic Stock C
LLSCX - Longleaf Partners Small-Cap
LMALX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt American Ldg Co C
LMASX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Special Inv C
LMCCX - Lord Abbett Mid-Cap Value C
LMGAX - Lord Abbett Growth Opportunities A
LMGEX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Intl Eq C
LMNOX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Opportunity I
LMNVX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Value I
LMOPX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Opportunity C
LMSIX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Us Sm Cap Eq I
LMVFX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Value Fi
LMVTX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt Value C
LPEAX - Vista Listed Private Equity Plus A
LRLCX - Lord Abbett Classic Stock A
LRSCX - Lord Abbett Small-Cap Value A
LSBAX - Lord Abbett Small-Cap Blend A
LSCRX - Loomis Sayles Small Cap Value Retail
LTFAX - Columbia Acorn Select A
LTGAX - Compass Emp Multi-Asset Growth A
LVOAX - Lord Abbett Value Opportunities A
LZEMX - Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Instl
LZIOX - Lazard International Equity Open
LZSMX - Lazard International Small Cap Eq Open
MAAGX - Mfs Aggressive Growth Allocation A
MADEX - Madison Mosaic Disciplined Equity
MAGWX - Mfs Growth Allocation A
MAIOX - Columbia Marsico Intl Opp A
MAPAX - Mainstay Map A
MAPBX - Mainstay Map B
MAVFX - Matrix Advisors Value
MBGWX - Mfs Growth Allocation B
MCBAX - Blackrock Basic Value Inv C
MCDVX - Blackrock Equity Dividend Inv C
MCEFX - Blackrock Eurofund Inv C
MCFDX - Managers Cadence Capital Apprec D
MCFGX - Blackrock Capital Appreciation Inv C
MCFNX - Blackrock Global Financial Svcs Inv C
MCGCX - Blackrock Global Smallcap Inv C
MCGFX - Aston/Montag & Caldwell Growth N
MCGGX - Blackrock Global Growth Inv C
MCGWX - Mfs Growth Allocation C
MCHCX - Blackrock Healthcare Inv C
MCILX - Blackrock International Inv C
MCIOX - Columbia Marsico Intl Opp C
MCLRX - Blackrock Large Cap Core Inv C
MCLTX - Blackrock Latin America Inv C
MCLVX - Blackrock Large Cap Value Inv C
MDBAX - Blackrock Basic Value Inv A
MDDVX - Blackrock Equity Dividend Inv A
MDEFX - Blackrock Eurofund Inv A
MDEGX - Blackrock Global Dynamic Equity Inv A
MDFGX - Blackrock Capital Appreciation Inv A
MDFNX - Blackrock Global Financial Svcs Inv A
MDGCX - Blackrock Global Smallcap Inv A
MDGGX - Blackrock Global Growth Inv A
MDGRX - Blackrock Natural Resources Inv A
MDGUX - Blackrock Utilities & Telecom Inv A
MDHCX - Blackrock Healthcare Inv A
MDISX - Mutual Global Discovery Z
MDIVX - Blackrock International Value Inv A
MDLHX - Blackrock Large Cap Growth Inv A
MDLRX - Blackrock Large Cap Core Inv A
MDLTX - Blackrock Latin America Inv A
MDLVX - Blackrock Large Cap Value Inv A
MDSPX - Blackrock Value Opportunities Inv A
MDSRX - Blackrock S&P 500 Index A
MEDRX - Kinetics Medical No Load
MEGAX - U.S. Global Investors Global Megatrends
MEIAX - Mfs Value A
MEICX - Mfs Value C
MEMAX - Mfs Emerging Markets Equity A
MEQAX - American Century Intl Value A
MEURX - Mutual European Z
MFCAX - Mfs Core Growth A
MFEBX - Mfs Value B
MFEGX - Mfs Growth A
MFHAX - Munder Healthcare A
MFHCX - Munder Healthcare C
MFOCX - Marsico Focus
MFQTX - Managers Amg Fq Tax Mgd Us Eq Instl
MFRBX - Mfs Research B
MFRCX - Mfs Research C
MFRFX - Mfs Research A
MGAMX - McCarthy Multi-Cap Stock Instl
MGIAX - Mfs International Value A
MGIBX - Mfs International Value B
MGICX - Mfs International Value C
MGLBX - Marsico Global
MGOAX - Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth A
MGOTX - Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth C
MGRAX - Mfs International Growth A
MGRBX - Mfs International Growth B
MGRCX - Mfs International Growth C
MGRIX - Marsico Growth
MGSEX - Managers Special Equity Managers
MIDAX - Mfs International New Discovery A
MIDBX - Mfs International New Discovery B
MIDCX - Mfs International New Discovery C
MIDSX - Midas
MIECX - Mainstay International Equity C
MIGCX - Oppenheimer Main Street C
MIGDX - Mfs Massachusetts Investors Gr Stk C
MIGFX - Mfs Massachusetts Investors Gr Stk A
MINAX - Members International Stock A
MINEX - Mainstay International Equity B
MIOFX - Marsico International Opportunities
MITBX - Mfs Massachusetts Investors Tr B
MITCX - Mfs Massachusetts Investors Tr C
MITTX - Mfs Massachusetts Investors Tr A
MJFOX - Matthews Japan Investor
MLAAX - Mainstay Large Cap Growth A
MMPCX - Mainstay Map C
MMUBX - Mfs Utilities B
MMUCX - Mfs Utilities C
MMUFX - Mfs Utilities A
MNDAX - Mfs New Discovery A
MNHIX - Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Max Term I
MNNAX - Munder Growth Opportunities A
MPFAX - Munder Energy A
MPFTX - Munder Energy C
MPIAX - Mma Praxis International A
MPYMX - Metzler/Payden European Emerging Markets
MQIFX - Mutual Quest Z
MRGAX - Mfs Core Equity A
MRGBX - Mfs Core Equity B
MRIBX - Mfs Research International B
MRICX - Mfs Research International C
MRISX - Marshall International Stock Inv
MRSAX - Mfs Research International A
MRSCX - Marshall Small-Cap Growth Inv
MSAVX - Invesco Van Kampen American Value A
MSEFX - Masters' Select Equity Instl
MSGAX - Invesco Van Kampen Global Equity Allc A
MSGCX - Invesco Van Kampen Global Equity Allc C
MSIGX - Oppenheimer Main Street A
MSILX - Masters' Select International Instl
MSOAX - Mainstay Common Stock A
MSUAX - Morgan Stanley Inst Intl Real Estate I
MSVFX - Masters' Select Value Instl
MSXAX - Mainstay S&P 500 Index A
MTCBX - Mfs Technology B
MTCCX - Mfs Technology C
MUEAX - Mfs Blended Research Core Equity A
MUHLX - Muhlenkamp
MUIAX - Munder International Equity A
MUTHX - Mutual Shares Z
MUXAX - Munder Index 500 A
MVPFX - Marathon Value Portfolio
MWEBX - Mfs Global Equity B
MWECX - Mfs Global Equity C
MWEFX - Mfs Global Equity A
MWOBX - Mfs Global Growth B
MWOCX - Mfs Global Growth C
MWOFX - Mfs Global Growth A
MXCCX - Federated Max-Cap Index C
MXXIX - Marsico 21St Century
MYPVX - Sentinel Sustainable Core Opp A
NAESX - Vanguard Small Cap Index Inv
NAIGX - Nuveen Tradewinds International Value A
NAINX - Virtus Tactical Allocation A
NALFX - New Alternatives
NAMAX - Columbia Mid Cap Value Z
NARCX - Ing Intl Smallcap Multi-Manager C
NAWCX - Ing Global Value Choice C
NAWGX - Ing Global Value Choice A
NBFCX - Neuberger Berman Focus Tr
NBGAX - Neuberger Berman Genesis Adv
NBGEX - Neuberger Berman Genesis Tr
NBGNX - Neuberger Berman Genesis Inv
NBGTX - Neuberger Berman Guardian Tr
NBHAX - Neuberger Berman Equity Income A
NBITX - Neuberger Berman International Tr
NBNAX - Neuberger Berman Intl Large Cap A
NBPBX - Neuberger Berman Partners Adv
NBPTX - Neuberger Berman Partners Tr
NBSRX - Neuberger Berman Socially Resp Inv
NBSSX - Neuberger Berman Focus Inv
NBSTX - Neuberger Berman Socially Resp Tr
NCIGX - Nuveen Tradewinds International Value C
NCTWX - Nicholas Ii I
NEDCX - Natixis Hansberger International C
NEFGX - Natixis Cgm Advisor Targeted Equity A
NEFJX - Natixis Vaughan Nelson Small Cap Value A
NEFOX - Natixis Harris Associates Large Cp Val A
NEFSX - Natixis Us Diversified A
NEWCX - American Funds New World C
NEWFX - American Funds New World A
NFEAX - Columbia Marsico Focused Eq A
NFECX - Columbia Marsico Focused Eq C
NFEPX - Columbia Marsico Focused Eq Z
NGIPX - Columbia Marsico Growth Z
NGREX - Northern Global Real Estate Index
NGUAX - Neuberger Berman Guardian Inv
NICSX - Nicholas
NIEAX - Dreyfus/Newton International Equity A
NIEQX - Columbia Multi-Advisor Intl Equity Z
NIIAX - Columbia Multi-Advisor Intl Equity A
NILTX - Neuberger Berman Intl Large Cap Tr
NINDX - Columbia Large Cap Index Z
NIVLX - Columbia International Value A
NMANX - Neuberger Berman Mid Cap Growth Inv
NMGIX - Columbia Marsico Growth A
NMIAX - Columbia Large Cap Enhanced Core A
NMICX - Columbia Marsico Growth C
NMOAX - Columbia Marsico Intl Opp Z
NMPAX - Columbia Mid Cap Index Z
NMSCX - Columbia Small Cap Index Z
NMTAX - Columbia Marsico 21St Century A
NMYCX - Columbia Marsico 21St Century C
NNGAX - Nuveen Multi-Manager Large-Cap Value A
NOGEX - Northern Large Cap Equity
NOLCX - Northern Enhanced Large Cap
NOSGX - Northern Small Cap Value
NOSIX - Northern Stock Index
NPFCX - American Funds New Perspective C
NPRTX - Neuberger Berman Partners Inv
NSBAX - Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth A
NSBCX - Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth C
NSEPX - Columbia Large Cap Core Z
NSGAX - Columbia Large Cap Core A
NSIDX - Northern Small Cap Index
NSVAX - Columbia Small Cap Value Ii Z
NTIAX - Columbia Mid Cap Index A
NTKLX - Ing Intl Smallcap Multi-Manager A
NVDAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified Eq A
NVICX - Columbia International Value C
NVLEX - Columbia Large Cap Value A
NVLUX - Columbia Large Cap Value Z
NVOAX - Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities A
NWFAX - Nationwide A
NWGAX - Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap A
NWGCX - Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap C
NWWOX - Virtus Global Opportunities A
NYVBX - Davis Ny Venture B
NYVCX - Davis Ny Venture C
NYVTX - Davis Ny Venture A
OAAAX - Oppenheimer Active Allc A
OAABX - Oppenheimer Active Allc B
OAACX - Oppenheimer Active Allc C
OAAIX - Oppenheimer Equity Inv A
OAEIX - Oppenheimer Equity Income A
OAFCX - Old Mutual Focused A
OAKEX - Oakmark International Small Cap I
OAKGX - Oakmark Global I
OAKIX - Oakmark International I
OAKLX - Oakmark Select I
OAKMX - Oakmark I
OAKWX - Oakmark Global Select I
OARDX - Oppenheimer Rising Dividends A
OARDX - Oppenheimer Rising Dividends A
OBCHX - Oberweis China Opportunities
OBFVX - Old Mutual Focused Z
OBIOX - Oberweis International Opportunities
OBRDX - Oppenheimer Rising Dividends B
OCMGX - Ocm Gold Investor
OCRDX - Oppenheimer Rising Dividends C
OEICX - JPMorgan Equity Index C
OEPIX - Profunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist Inv
OEQAX - Oppenheimer Equity A
OFAFX - Olstein All Cap Value Adv
OFALX - Olstein All Cap Value C
OGEAX - JPMorgan Equity Index A
OGGCX - JPMorgan Investor Growth C
OGGIX - Oppenheimer Global Opportunities B
OGICX - Oppenheimer Global Opportunities C
OGLBX - Oppenheimer Global B
OGLCX - Oppenheimer Global C
OGLNX - Oppenheimer Global N
OGMBX - Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals B
OGMCX - Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals C
OIGAX - Oppenheimer International Growth A
OIGCX - Oppenheimer International Growth C
OIICX - JPMorgan International Equity Index C
OLGAX - JPMorgan Large Cap Growth A
OMMAX - Old Mutual Asset Allocation Mod Gr A
OMMCX - Old Mutual Asset Allocation Mod Gr C
OMSBX - Oppenheimer Main Street B
OMSCX - Oppenheimer Main Street Select C
OMSOX - Oppenheimer Main Street Select A
OPGIX - Oppenheimer Global Opportunities A
OPGSX - Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals A
OPMCX - Oppenheimer Main Street Sm & Mid Cap C
OPMSX - Oppenheimer Main Street Sm & Mid Cap A
OPOCX - Oppenheimer Discovery A
OPPAX - Oppenheimer Global A
OPTFX - Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation A
OREAX - Oppenheimer Real Estate A
OSGIX - JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth A
OSMAX - Oppenheimer International Small Co A
OSMBX - Oppenheimer International Small Co B
OSMCX - Oppenheimer International Small Co C
OSTFX - Osterweis
OSVAX - Oppenheimer Select Value A
OTCFX - T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock
OTFCX - Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation C
OTGBX - Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation B
PAEAX - Putnam Asset Allocation: Growth A
PAEBX - Putnam Asset Allocation: Growth B
PAECX - Putnam Asset Allocation: Growth C
PAGMX - Putnam Asset Allocation: Growth M
PARNX - Parnassus
PARSX - Parnassus Small-Cap
PAVAX - Ing Value Choice A
PAVCX - Ing Value Choice C
PBEAX - Prudential Jennison Value A
PBFDX - Payson Total Return
PBFOX - Pinebridge Us Focus Equity I
PBQAX - Prudential Jennison Blend A
PBQIX - Prudential Jennison Value B
PCAFX - Prospector Capital Appreciation
PCEFX - Pioneer Emerging Markets C
PCGRX - Pioneer Mid-Cap Value A
PCHSX - Putnam Global Health Care C
PCINX - Putnam Investors C
PCOAX - Putnam Capital Opportunities A
PCODX - Pioneer C
PCUFX - Prudential Jennison Utility C
PDIAX - Virtus Growth & Income A
PEEAX - Prudential Jennison Mid Cap Growth A
PEICX - Prudential Jennison Value C
PEIDX - Allianz Nfj Dividend Value D
PEMFX - Pioneer Emerging Markets A
PEMGX - Principal Midcap Blend A
PENNX - Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Invmt
PEOPX - Dreyfus S&P 500 Index
PEQBX - Putnam Global Equity B
PEQIX - Pioneer Equity Income A
PEQMX - Putnam Global Equity M
PEQUX - Putnam Global Equity A
PESPX - Dreyfus Midcap Index
PEUGX - Putnam Europe Equity A
PEXMX - T. Rowe Price Extended Equity Market Idx
PEYAX - Putnam Equity Income A
PFSAX - Prudential Financial Svcs A
PGICX - Virtus Growth & Income C
PGMIX - JPMorgan Market Expansion Index Select
PGNAX - Prudential Jennison Natural Resources A
PGNBX - Putnam International Value B
PGOAX - Prudential Jennison Small Company A
PGRCX - Dreyfus Worldwide Growth C
PGRNX - Pax World Global Green Individual Inv
PGROX - Dreyfus Worldwide Growth A
PGRWX - Putnam Fund For Growth & Income A
PGUAX - Virtus Global Infrastructure A
PGVFX - Polaris Global Value
PGWAX - Allianz Agic Growth A
PHLAX - Prudential Jennison Health Sciences A
PHLBX - Prudential Jennison Health Sciences B
PHLCX - Prudential Jennison Health Sciences C
PHLMX - Putnam Global Health Care M
PHRAX - Virtus Real Estate Securities A
PHSBX - Putnam Global Health Care B
PHSTX - Putnam Global Health Care A
PIGCX - Putnam International Equity C
PIGRX - Putnam International Value C
PIIAX - PNC S&P 500 Index A
PIIFX - Pioneer International Value A
PINDX - Pioneer Independence A
PINOX - Putnam International Growth A
PINVX - Putnam Investors A
PINWX - Putnam International Growth B
PIODX - Pioneer A
PIOTX - Pioneer Value A
PISAX - Prudential International Value A
PISRX - Forward International Small Co Inv
PIVMX - Putnam International Capital Opp M
PJFAX - Prudential Jennison Growth A
PJGCX - Prudential Jennison Equity Opp C
PJIAX - Prudential Jennison Equity Opp A
PJIBX - Prudential Jennison Equity Opp B
PJRAX - Prudential International Equity A
PJRCX - Prudential International Equity C
PMIEX - PNC International Equity A
PMVAX - Putnam Multi-Cap Value A
PNBAX - Allianz Nfj Large Cap Value A
PNBDX - Allianz Nfj Large Cap Value D
PNEAX - Allianz Nfj Dividend Value A
PNECX - Allianz Nfj Dividend Value C
PNGAX - Putnam International Value A
PNOPX - Putnam Multi-Cap Growth A
PNRAX - Putnam Research A
PNRCX - Prudential Jennison Natural Resources C
PNVAX - Putnam International Capital Opp A
PNVBX - Putnam Investors B
PNVMX - Putnam Investors M
POAGX - Primecap Odyssey Aggressive Growth
POGAX - Putnam Growth Opportunities A
POGRX - Primecap Odyssey Growth
PORTX - Portfolio 21 R
POSKX - Primecap Odyssey Stock
POVBX - Putnam International Equity B
POVMX - Putnam International Equity M
PQIAX - Principal Equity Income A
PQNAX - Allianz Nfj Renaissance A
PQNCX - Allianz Nfj Renaissance C
PRACX - Putnam Research C
PRBLX - Parnassus Equity Income - Inv
PRCGX - Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities
PRCOX - T. Rowe Price Capital Opportunity
PRDGX - T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth
PREIX - T. Rowe Price Equity Index 500
PRESX - T. Rowe Price European Stock
PRFBX - Putnam Research B
PRFDX - T. Rowe Price Equity Income
PRGFX - T. Rowe Price Growth Stock
PRGIX - T. Rowe Price Growth & Income
PRGNX - Prudential Jennison Natural Resources B
PRGSX - T. Rowe Price Global Stock
PRGTX - T. Rowe Price Global Technology
PRGWX - Principal Large Cap Growth A
PRHSX - T. Rowe Price Health Sciences
PRIDX - T. Rowe Price International Discovery
PRILX - Parnassus Equity Income - Inst
PRISX - T. Rowe Price Financial Services
PRITX - T. Rowe Price International Stock
PRJPX - T. Rowe Price Japan
PRLAX - T. Rowe Price Latin America
PRMTX - T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications
PRNEX - T. Rowe Price New Era
PRNHX - T. Rowe Price New Horizons
PRSCX - T. Rowe Price Science & Tech
PRSGX - T. Rowe Price Spectrum Growth
PRSVX - T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value
PRUAX - Prudential Jennison Utility A
PRUTX - Prudential Jennison Utility B
PRWAX - T. Rowe Price New America Growth
PRWLX - Principal Diversified Intl A
PSCPX - Columbia Small Cap Growth Ii Z
PSIAX - Prudential Stock Index A
PSICX - Prudential Stock Index C
PSPFX - U.S. Global Investors Global Res
PSTAX - Virtus Strategic Growth A
PTACX - Allianz Agic Target C
PTMAX - Prudential Large Cap Core Equity A
PTMCX - Prudential Large Cap Core Equity C
PTSGX - Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth Z
PTWAX - Prudential Jennison 20/20 Focus A
PTWCX - Prudential Jennison 20/20 Focus C
PUFBX - Prudential Financial Svcs B
PUFCX - Prudential Financial Svcs C
PUGCX - Putnam Global Equity C
PUGIX - Putnam Global Utilities A
PURAX - Prudential Global Real Estate A
PUVCX - Putnam International Capital Opp C
PVNBX - Putnam International Capital Opp B
PVOYX - Putnam Voyager A
PWGAX - UBS Pace International Equity A
PXINX - Pax World International Individual Inv
PXWEX - Pax World Glbl Women'S Equity Ind Inv
PZFVX - Jhancock Classic Value A
QAACX - Federated Mdt All Cap Core A
QCACX - Federated Mdt All Cap Core C
QFVOX - Quant Foreign Value Ord
QGRBX - Oppenheimer Global Allocation B
QIVAX - Oppenheimer Quest International Value A
QIVBX - Oppenheimer Quest International Value B
QSCCX - Oppenheimer Small & Mid Cap Value C
QUAGX - Quaker Strategic Growth A
QVSCX - Oppenheimer Small & Mid Cap Value A
RAGHX - Allianz Rcm Wellness A
RAGTX - Allianz Rcm Technology A
RAIGX - Allianz Rcm Discp Intl Eq A
RCAPX - Rs Capital Appreciation A
RCEAX - Columbia 120/20 Contrarian Equity A
RCIGX - Allianz Rcm Discp Intl Eq C
RCOCX - Rs Large Cap Alpha C
RDCEX - Columbia Large Core Quantitative C
RDIAX - Riversource Disciplined Intl Equity A
RDLAX - Columbia Large Growth Quantitative A
REACX - American Century Real Estate Inv
RGCEX - Columbia Global Equity C
RGFAX - Royce Heritage Svc
RGROX - Jhancock3 Rainier Growth A
RGSAX - Allianz Rcm Global Small-Cap A
RGSCX - Allianz Rcm Global Small-Cap C
RIMEX - Rainier Large Cap Equity
RIMSX - Rainier Small/Mid Cap Equity
RISCX - Royce European Smaller Companies Svc
RPEAX - Davis Opportunity A
RPFFX - Royce Premier Service
RPFGX - Davis Financial A
RPFRX - Davis Real Estate A
RPGEX - T. Rowe Price Global Large-Cap Stock
RPMGX - T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth
RRGAX - Dws Rreef Global Real Estate Secs A
RRIAX - Columbia Recovery And Infra A
RRRAX - Dws Rreef Real Estate Securities A
RSEGX - Rs Small Cap Growth A
RSIFX - Rs Technology A
RSNRX - Rs Global Natural Resources A
RSSCX - Columbia Strategic Allocation C
RSVAX - Rs Value A
RVPHX - Royce Value Plus Invmt
RYCIX - Rydex Consumer Products Inv
RYCTX - Rydex S&P 500 2X Strategy C
RYECX - Rydex Energy C
RYEIX - Rydex Energy Inv
RYESX - Rydex Energy Services A
RYEUX - Rydex Europe 1.25X Strategy H
RYFSX - Royce Financial Services Svc
RYHIX - Rydex Health Care Inv
RYLPX - Royce Low Priced Stock Svc
RYMIX - Rydex Telecommunications Inv
RYMNX - Rydex Precious Metals A
RYNVX - Rydex Nova Inv
RYOCX - Rydex Nasdaq-100 Inv
RYOFX - Royce Opportunity Svc
RYOHX - Royce 100 Svc
RYOIX - Rydex Biotechnology Inv
RYOTX - Royce Micro-Cap Invmt
RYPFX - Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Svc
RYPIX - Rydex Transportation Inv
RYPMX - Rydex Precious Metals Inv
RYPNX - Royce Opportunity Invmt
RYPRX - Royce Premier Invmt
RYSEX - Royce Special Equity Invmt
RYSIX - Rydex Electronics Inv
RYSPX - Rydex S&P 500 H
RYTFX - Royce Total Return Svc
RYTIX - Rydex Technology Inv
RYTNX - Rydex S&P 500 2X Strategy H
RYTRX - Royce Total Return Invmt
RYTTX - Rydex S&P 500 2X Strategy A
RYUIX - Rydex Utilities Inv
RYVCX - Rydex Energy Services C
RYVFX - Royce Value Svc
RYVIX - Rydex Energy Services Inv
RYVPX - Royce Value Plus Svc
RYVYX - Rydex Dynamic Nasdaq-100 2X Strategy H
RYZCX - Rydex Precious Metals C
SACAX - Principal Sam Strategic Growth A
SAGBX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Aggressive Gr B
SAGCX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Aggressive Gr C
SAGPX - Principal Sam Conservative Growth A
SAGWX - Sentinel Small Company A
SAGYX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Aggressive Gr I
SAIFX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Large Cap Value I
SAPBX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Appreciation B
SAPCX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Appreciation C
SAPYX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Appreciation I
SASMX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Small Cap Gr A
SBFAX - Legg Mason Inv Counsel Fincl Svcs A
SBICX - Legg Mason Glbl Curr Intl All Cap Opp C
SBIEX - Legg Mason Glbl Curr Intl All Cap Opp A
SBLGX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Large Cap Gr A
SBMAX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Mid Cap Core A
SBPLX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Equity Inc Bldr C
SCDGX - Dws Growth & Income S
SCEIX - Ridgeworth International Eq 130/30 I
SCETX - Ridgeworth Small Cap Value Equity I
SCGDX - Dws Gold & Precious Metals S
SCGEX - Dws World Dividend S
SCGPX - Principal Sam Conservative Growth C
SCGSX - Dws Capital Growth S
SCHAX - Legg Mason Lifestyle Allocation 85% A
SCHLX - Dws Health Care S
SCICX - Columbia Seligman Communications&Information C
SCIEX - Schroder International Alpha Inv
SCNUX - Invesco Structured Core Investor
SCOBX - Dws Global Thematic S
SCPIX - Dws S&P 500 Index S
SCVEX - Schroder International Alpha Adv
SCWCX - American Funds Smallcap World C
SDGAX - Dws Capital Growth A
SDMGX - Sit Developing Markets Growth
SDVSX - Sit Dividend Growth S
SECEX - Rydex/Sgi Large Cap Core A
SEEGX - JPMorgan Large Cap Growth Select
SEEKX - Steward Large Cap Enhanced Index Indv
SEKAX - Dws Emerging Markets Equity A
SENCX - Sentinel Common Stock A
SEQAX - Rydex/Sgi Global A
SERAX - Dws World Dividend A
SEVAX - Rydex/Sgi Mid Cap Value A
SEVSX - Rydex/Sgi Mid Cap Value C
SFLNX - Schwab Fdmtl Us Lg Co Idx Tm
SFNNX - Schwab Fdmtl Intl Lg Co Idx Tm
SFSLX - Legg Mason Inv Counsel Fincl Svcs C
SFSNX - Schwab Fdmtl Us Sm Mid Co Idx Tm
SFVBX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Fdmtl Alcp Val B
SFVCX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Fdmtl Alcp Val C
SFVYX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Fdmtl Alcp Val I
SGAIX - Legg Mason Partners Growth & Income C
SGDCX - Dws Gold & Precious Metals C
SGENX - First Eagle Global A
SGGDX - First Eagle Gold A
SGIEX - Columbia Contrarian Core T
SGOIX - First Eagle Overseas I
SGOVX - First Eagle Overseas A
SGQAX - Dws Global Thematic A
SGQCX - Dws Global Thematic C
SGRAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Growth A
SGRFX - Seligman Growth A
SGROX - Wells Fargo Advantage Growth Inv
SGSCX - Dws Global Small Cap Growth S
SHAPX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Appreciation A
SHFVX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Fdmtl Alcp Val A
SHGTX - Columbia Seligman Global Technology A
SHRAX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Aggressive Gr A
SHSAX - Blackrock Health Sciences Ops Inv A
SHSCX - Blackrock Health Sciences Ops Inv C
SHTCX - Columbia Seligman Global Technology C
SIAMX - Ssga Iam Shares Instl
SIDNX - Schroder Intl Diversified Value Inv
SIETX - Sunamerica International Equity C
SILCX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Global Eq B
SILLX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Global Eq C
SINAX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Large Cap Value A
SKSEX - Skyline Special Equities
SLADX - Selected American Shares D
SLAFX - Dws Latin America Equity S
SLASX - Selected American Shares S
SLCCX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Large Cap Gr C
SLMCX - Columbia Seligman Comms & Information A
SMCDX - Wells Fargo Advantage Spec Md Cp Val Inv
SMCEX - Columbia Small Cap Core Z
SMCWX - American Funds Smallcap World A
SMEAX - Invesco Small Cap Equity A
SMGIX - Columbia Contrarian Core Z
SMIFX - Sound Mind Investing
SMPIX - Profunds Semiconductor Ultrasector Inv
SMVAX - Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Value A
SMVLX - Smead Value Investor
SMVMX - Smead Value Institutional
SMVTX - Ridgeworth Mid-Cap Value Equity I
SMYIX - Legg Mason Batterymarch Global Eq I
SNAEX - Schroder North American Equity Inv
SNGRX - Sit International Growth
SNIGX - Sit Large Cap Growth
SNXFX - Schwab 1000 Index
SOPAX - Legg Mason Clearbridge Equity Inc Bldr A
SOPFX - Wells Fargo Advantage Opportunity Inv
SOVBX - Jhancock Sovereign Investors B
SOVCX - Jhancock Sovereign Investors C
SOVIX - Jhancock Sovereign Investors A
SPAAX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt All Cap A
SPARX - Hennessy Select Sparx Japan Instl
SPBBX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt All Cap B
SPBLX - Legg Mason Cap Mgmt All Cap C
SPECX - Alger Spectra A
SPFIX - California Investment S&P 500 Idx Dir
SPIAX - Invesco S&P 500 Index A
SPICX - Invesco S&P 500 Index C
SPQAX - Prudential Jennison Equity Income A
SPVAX - Jhancock Small Cap Equity A
SPXJX - Hennessy Select Sparx Japan Fd Original
SQETX - Ridgeworth Large Cap Quantitative Eq I
SRVEX - Victory Diversified Stock A
SSAIX - Ssga International Stock Selection Instl
SSCTX - Ridgeworth Small Cap Growth Stock I
SSFAX - Sunamerica Focused Large Cap Gr A
SSGDX - Blackrock Energy & Resources Inv C
SSGRX - Blackrock Energy & Resources Inv A
SSGSX - Victory Small Company Opportunity A
SSMVX - Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Val Inv
SSTIX - Victory Stock Index A
SSVSX - Victory Special Value A
STCAX - Ridgeworth Large Cap Growth Stock I
STCSX - Wells Fargo Advantage Common Stock Inv
STDIX - Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Inv
STNAX - Sunamerica Focused Technology A
STPAX - Saratoga Technology & Comm A
STRFX - Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Gr Inv
STRGX - Stratton Multi Cap
STSCX - Stratton Small-Cap Value
STVTX - Ridgeworth Large Cap Value Equity I
SUEIX - Ridgeworth Us Equity 130/30 I
SUHAX - Dws Health Care A
SUICX - Dws International C
SUIEX - JPMorgan Us Real Estate Sel
SUSIX - JPMorgan Us Real Estate A
SUWAX - Dws Growth & Income A
SVAAX - Federated Strategic Value Dividend A
SVFAX - Invesco Special Value A
SVSPX - Ssga S&P 500 Index Instl
SWANX - Schwab Core Equity Inv
SWDRX - Schwab Target 2030
SWDSX - Schwab Dividend Equity
SWEGX - Schwab Markettrack All Equity Investor
SWERX - Schwab Target 2040
SWFFX - Schwab Financial Services
SWHCX - Principal Sam Strategic Growth C
SWHFX - Schwab Health Care
SWHGX - Schwab Markettrack Growth Investor
SWISX - Schwab International Index
SWLSX - Schwab Large-Cap Growth
SWMIX - Laudus International Marketmasters Sel
SWMSX - Laudus Small-Cap Marketmasters Select
SWOIX - Laudus International Marketmasters Inv
SWPPX - Schwab S&P 500 Index
SWSCX - Schwab Small-Cap Equity
SWSSX - Schwab Small Cap Index
SWTSX - Schwab Total Stock Market Index
TACTX - Fundx Tactical Upgrader
TADPX - Transamerica Diversified Equity P
TAEPX - Transamerica Wmc Diversified Gr P
TAGRX - Jhancock Large Cap Equity A
TAREX - Third Avenue Real Estate Value Instl
TASCX - Third Avenue Small Cap Value Instl
TAVIX - Third Avenue International Value Instl
TBCUX - Tweedy,Browne Global Value Ii Ccy Unhdg
TBGVX - Tweedy,Browne Global Value
TBHDX - Tweedy,Browne Worldwide Hi Div Yld Val
TBMEX - Turner Quantitative Broad Market Eq Inst
TCGCX - Thornburg Core Growth C
TDMTX - Templeton Developing Markets C
TEBIX - Mutual Beacon A
TEDIX - Mutual Global Discovery A
TEDSX - Mutual Global Discovery C
TEFTX - Templeton Foreign C
TEGAX - Touchstone Mid Cap Growth A
TEGOX - Templeton Global Opportunities A
TEGPX - Templeton Global Opportunities C
TEGTX - Templeton Growth C
TEMEX - Mutual Beacon C
TEMFX - Templeton Foreign A
TEMGX - Templeton Global Smaller Comp A
TEMIX - Mutual European A
TEMQX - Mutual Quest C
TEMTX - Mutual Shares C
TEMWX - Templeton World A
TEPLX - Templeton Growth A
TEQAX - Touchstone Large Cap Growth A
TEQIX - Mutual Quest A
TESGX - Templeton Global Smaller Comp C
TESIX - Mutual Shares A
TEURX - Mutual European C
TEWTX - Templeton World C
TGCEX - Tcw Select Equities I
TGDIX - Tcw Relative Value Large Cap I
TGFFX - Tcw Concentrated Value I
TGFVX - Tcw Concentrated Value N
TGIGX - Tcw Dividend Focused N
TGLDX - Tocqueville Gold
TGSCX - Tcw Small Cap Growth I
THCGX - Thornburg Core Growth A
THOAX - Thornburg Global Opportunities A
THOCX - Thornburg Global Opportunities C
THPGX - Thompson Plumb Growth
TIGAX - Thornburg International Growth A
TIGCX - Thornburg International Growth C
TISHX - Dws Communications A
TIVFX - Tocqueville International Value
TLFQX - Firsthand Technology Leaders
TLVAX - Timothy Plan Large/Mid-Cap Value A
TMCOX - Turner Emerging Growth Instl
TMGFX - Turner Midcap Growth Investor
TMRFX - Third Millennium Russia A
TOCQX - Tocqueville
TOECX - Touchstone Mid Cap Growth C
TOLSX - Dws Rreef Global Infrastructure S
TORLX - Toreador Large Cap
TORYX - Torray
TRBCX - T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth
TRGFX - T. Rowe Price Global Infrastructure
TRIGX - T. Rowe Price Intl Gr & Inc
TRMCX - T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Value
TROSX - T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock
TRRCX - T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030
TRRDX - T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040
TRREX - T. Rowe Price Real Estate
TRRHX - T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025
TRRJX - T. Rowe Price Retirement 2035
TRRKX - T. Rowe Price Retirement 2045
TRRMX - T. Rowe Price Retirement 2050
TRSGX - T. Rowe Price Personal Strat Growth
TRULX - T. Rowe Price Us Large-Cap Core
TRVLX - T. Rowe Price Value
TSWEX - TS&W Equity
TSWIX - TS&W International Equity
TTMEX - Turner Core Growth Institutional
TVAFX - Thornburg Value A
TVBFX - Thornburg Value B
TVCFX - Thornburg Value C
TVFVX - Third Avenue Value Investor
TWCGX - American Century Growth Inv
TWCIX - American Century Select Inv
TWCUX - American Century Ultra Inv
TWCVX - American Century Vista Inv
TWEAX - American Century Equity Income A
TWEBX - Tweedy,Browne Value
TWEGX - American Century Intl Discovery Inv
TWEIX - American Century Equity Income Inv
TWGAX - American Century Intl Growth A
TWGGX - American Century Global Growth Inv
TWHIX - American Century Heritage Inv
TWIEX - American Century Intl Growth Inv
TWIEX - American Century Intl Growth Inv
TWSAX - American Century Strat Allc: Agrsv Inv
TWVLX - American Century Value Inv
TWWDX - Thomas White International
ULPIX - Profunds Ultrabull Inv
UMBHX - Scout Small Cap
UMBIX - Columbia Value & Restructuring Z
UMBWX - Scout International
UMEQX - Columbia Blended Equity Z
UMESX - Columbia Energy & Nat Resources Z
UMINX - Columbia International Growth Z
UMLCX - Columbia Select Small Cap Z
UNBOX - Fundx Etf Aggressive Upgrader
UNWPX - U.S. Global Investors Wld Prec Minerals
USERX - U.S. Global Investors Gold And Prec Mtls
USGLX - Jhancock Us Global Leaders Gr A
UTLAX - Morgan Stanley Global Infrastructure A
UTLQX - Morgan Stanley Global Infrastructure Q
UTPIX - Profunds Utilities Ultrasector Inv
VADAX - Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 A
VADCX - Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 C
VAFCX - Invesco Van Kampen American Franchise C
VALSX - Value Line Premier Growth
VASCX - Invesco Van Kampen Small Cap Gr A
VASGX - Vanguard Lifestrategy Growth Inv
VASVX - Vanguard Selected Value Inv
VCVLX - Vanguard Capital Value Inv
VDAIX - Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Idx Inv
VDEQX - Vanguard Diversified Equity Inv
VDIGX - Vanguard Dividend Growth Inv
VDSCX - Victory Diversified Stock C
VDSIX - Victory Diversified Stock I
VEEEX - Eastern European Equity A
VEIPX - Vanguard Equity-Income Inv
VEPAX - Invesco Van Kampen Equity Premium Inc A
VEPCX - Invesco Van Kampen Equity Premium Inc C
VETAX - Victory Established Value A
VEUAX - JPMorgan Intrepid European A
VEUCX - JPMorgan Intrepid European C
VEURX - Vanguard European Stock Index Inv
VEXMX - Vanguard Extended Market Idx Inv
VEXPX - Vanguard Explorer Inv
VFCAX - Federated Clover Value A
VFIAX - Vanguard 500 Index Admiral
VFIFX - Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Inv
VFINX - Vanguard 500 Index Investor
VFORX - Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Inv
VFTSX - Vanguard Ftse Social Index Inv
VFWIX - Vanguard Ftse All-World Ex-Us Index Inv
VGENX - Vanguard Energy Inv
VGEQX - Vanguard Growth Equity Inv
VGFAX - Invesco Van Kampen Global Franchise A
VGFCX - Invesco Van Kampen Global Franchise C
VGHCX - Vanguard Health Care Inv
VGPMX - Vanguard Precious Metals And Mining Inv
VGRAX - Invesco Van Kampen Mid Cap Gr A
VGRAX - Invesco Van Kampen Mid Cap Gr A
VGRIX - JPMorgan Growth & Income A
VGSIX - Vanguard Reit Index Inv
VGTSX - Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index Inv
VHDYX - Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Inv
VHGEX - Vanguard Global Equity Inv
VICEX - Vice
VIFAX - Invesco Van Kampen Intl Gr A
VIFCX - Invesco Van Kampen Intl Gr C
VIGRX - Vanguard Growth Index Inv
VIIFX - Victory Intl I
VIMSX - Vanguard Mid Capitalization Index Inv
VINEX - Vanguard International Explorer Inv
VINIX - Vanguard Institutional Index Instl
VISGX - Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Inv
VISVX - Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Inv
VIVAX - Vanguard Value Index Inv
VKAAX - Invesco Van Kampen Asset Allc Growth A
VKACX - Invesco Van Kampen Asset Allc Growth C
VKIAX - Invesco Van Kampen Intl Adv A
VKUAX - Invesco Van Kampen Utility A
VLAAX - Value Line Asset Allocation
VLACX - Vanguard Large Cap Index Inv
VLEOX - Value Line Emerging Opportunities
VMCAX - Vanguard Tax-Managed Capital App
VMGIX - Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Inv
VMGRX - Vanguard Mid Cap Growth Inv
VMRGX - Vanguard Morgan Growth Inv
VMVIX - Vanguard Mid-Cap Value Index Inv
VQNPX - Vanguard Growth & Income Inv
VSCAX - Invesco Van Kampen Smallcapvalue A
VSEAX - JPMorgan Small Cap Equity A
VSEIX - JPMorgan Small Cap Equity Sel
VSEQX - Vanguard Strategic Equity Inv
VSIEX - JPMorgan International Eq S
VSNGX - JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity Select
VSOIX - Victory Small Company Opportunity I
VSSCX - JPMorgan Small Cap Core Select
VTGIX - Vanguard Tax-Managed Growth & Inc
VTGLX - Vanguard Tax-Managed Growth & Inc Adm
VTHRX - Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 Inv
VTIVX - Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Inv
VTMGX - Vanguard Tax-Managed Intl
VTMSX - Vanguard Tax-Managed Small Cap Inv
VTRIX - Vanguard International Value Inv
VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv
VTTHX - Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Inv
VTWSX - Vanguard Total World Stock Index Inv
VUVLX - Vanguard Us Value Inv
VVPLX - Vulcan Value Partners
VWELX - Vanguard Wellington Inv
VWIGX - Vanguard International Growth Inv
VWNDX - Vanguard Windsor Investor
VWNFX - Vanguard Windsor Ii Investor
VWUSX - Vanguard Us Growth Inv
WAAEX - Wasatch Small Cap Growth
WAGOX - Wasatch Global Opportunities
WAGTX - Wasatch Global Science & Technology
WAIGX - Wasatch International Growth
WAIOX - Wasatch International Opportunities
WBIGX - William Blair International Growth N
WBSNX - William Blair Small Cap Growth N
WEHIX - Weitz Hickory
WEMMX - Gamco Westwood Mighty Mites Aaa
WESWX - Gamco Westwood Equity Aaa
WFAGX - Credit Suisse Large Cap Blend Ii A
WFDCX - Credit Suisse Large Cap Blend Comm
WFGYX - Wells Fargo Advantage Dj Target 2025 Inv
WFILX - Wells Fargo Advantage Index A
WFIOX - Wells Fargo Advantage Index Adm
WFIRX - Wells Fargo Advantage Index Inv
WFIVX - Wilshire 5000 Index Invmt
WFMCX - Wells Fargo Advantage Mid Cap Growth A
WGGFX - Winslow Green Growth Inv
WGRNX - Wintergreen
WGRNX - Wintergreen
WGROX - Wasatch Core Growth
WHGLX - Whg Large Cap Value Instl
WHGMX - Whg Smidcap Inst
WHLIX - Wintrust Capital Disciplined Equity I
WIBCX - Wright Intl Blue Chip Equities Standard
WLGAX - Ivy Large Cap Growth A
WMCVX - Wasatch Small Cap Value
WMGAX - Ivy Mid Cap Growth A
WMKGX - Wesmark Growth
WOOPX - JPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap Select
WPOPX - Weitz Partners Iii Opportunity
WPSGX - W.P. Stewart & Co. Growth Fund
WPVLX - Weitz Partners Value
WQCEX - Wright Major Blue Chip Equities
WRMAX - Dws Climate Change A
WRMCX - Dws Climate Change C
WSHCX - American Funds Washington Mutual C
WSTAX - Ivy Science & Technology A
WSTBX - Ivy Science & Technology B
WTIFX - Westcore International Frontier
WTMVX - Westcore Blue Chip
WTSLX - Westcore Select
WTSVX - Westcore Small-Cap Value
WVALX - Weitz Value
WWNPX - Kinetics Paradigm No Load
YACKX - Yacktman
YAFFX - Yacktman Focused

Mutual Fund Information

What is a Mutual Fund / Portfolio?

A mutual fund is a collection of investments. An investor can purchase part of a mutual fund and own part of each investment in that mutual fund. Investors buy mutual funds for many reasons. Here are the two main reasons:
• It is more expensive to buy the individual investments in a mutual fund.
• Mutual funds are run by expert managers who can achieve higher returns than amateur investors.

How does WikiWealth Improve Mutual Fund Research?

Traditional research reports for mutual funds focus on the tenure of the management team and the past results, but those variables don't affect the performance of a mutual fund. WikiWealth developed a new technique to make accurate investment decisions by looking at the individual investments that comprise the fund.

Mutual funds are a combination of the stocks and bonds that form the fund. When each individual stock changes in price, the whole fund changes in price; therefore, an analyst must research each investments in order to understand the potential of the fund. If the average investment was rating a buy, then the fund is also a buy. WikiWealth has research for over 3,000 companies. We use a weighted average of the individual company potentials to determine the fair value of each mutual fund.

Why doesn't WikiWealth Show the Mutual Fund Price?

The mutual fund price is irrelevant. If a fund has undervalued investments, it will increase in value. It is that simple.

How does a Mutual Fund Increase Diversity?

When a mutual fund manager purchases different investments, the diversity of the mutual fund increases. The more different each investment, the more diversified the fund. Diversity is good, because it lowers the mutual funds risk, as measured by volatility.

Why does Mutual Fund Research Need to Improve?

The majority of fund research tries to predict future performance by looking at past results, but industry evidence suggests that this is impossible. Most fund managers fall short of the S&P 500 benchmark over a long time period. Modern-day fund research is like flipping a coin. The more times the coin reads head, the more often industry fund research will predict heads for the next flip. This doesn’t make sense, because the next flip has a much greater chance of landing on tails. When research predicts future performance using past results, those predictions are likely to be incorrect.

How Does WikiWealth’s Mutual Fund Research Make Investing Easier?

WikiWealth’s gives an investment potential rating to each mutual fund. This rating measures the potential of the mutual fund to increase or decrease in value. It also gives an easy to understand rating system that investors can use to predict the relative performance of each fund over the short term and long term.