Restaurants Market Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Market: Restaurants
Classification: Utility
Stage: Growth (expansion)
Growth Rate:
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Required Commodities
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Employment Profile

Required Skills:
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Recommended Degrees
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
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Booming market with more Egyptians becoming Westernized, dining out has become more evident in the past few years. As a result more restaurants are entering the market with a great increase in the number of franchise restaurants creating more competition.

Restaurants Market Strengths Update

Market is moving forward, more competition. Customer utility is increasing since options are increasing. Quality is also increasing because of competition. More jobs are being created, with better working conditions and higher wages. Restaurant market includes many other markets and services such as food industry, construction, interior design, marketing and electronics.

Restaurants Market Weaknesses Update

Quality control and lack of skilled labor are weaknesses in this market. With high end restaurants, foreign labor is used for the higher wages jobs. Prices are relatively high relative to local restaurants and food outlets targeting lower income consumers.

Restaurants Market Trends Update

The increase in use of imported goods as well as foreign skilled labor. The increase of branding and franchise restaurants.


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